Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Just another douche bag with a job and three pairs of Dockers

The original #squadgoals
 So in case you're new around here Wyatt and I love watching shows together. It's kind of our thing. Every married couple has one,  my aunt and uncle for example love to get drunk and hot tub. It's their thing, they've been married for over, I don't know, forty years and they are still going strong.  I do not suggest you drink or hot tub, however, finding something that you and your spouse enjoy doing together is really important. For Wyatt and I sitting and watching a show is our thing, now, before you engrain a mental image of a fat old married couple, please note that we also love eating out.

It's been hard to watch shows since Sammy was born because the kids are always awake! But We've been able to squeeze in a few. Here are some honorable mentions...

STAR WARS: So many bae's so little time! Han SOLO, Princess Leia, and Chewbacca, oh my! I can't believe I've never taken the time to go back and watch episodes 4-6. However now that I have, I have been given life. I knew the gist of the films (Darth Vader, Death Star, live long and proser) (oh! did you catch that one? ;) However, being fully immersed in this adventure was totally worth the hours put in. Now, the real question, is Rey Luke Skywalkers daughter??? My money is on yes!

I couldn't resist throwing this in here. Oscar Isacc is amazing. I totally didn't recognize him in Ex Machina. 

BACHELOR: Speaking of bae's this seasons bachelor is a winner in my book. Brad and Chris were lukewarm, at best! Higgins gets two thumbs up! Wyatt and I enjoy watching the drama unfold with the ladies. I will forever be grateful for that one moment of weakness two years ago when Wyatt decided to watch "just one" episode with me. His insights and funny commentary are gold. This season I'm really rooting for Caila! I hope she gets far! Though I think Lauren B and Jojo will also make it far. I'm cool with that. Oh! I love Olivia, she bat crazy but she knows what she wants and goes after it! She is one mom that is not going to get pushed around at PTA meetings.  
Oh, Lace, you give Realtors everywhere a bad name! Shame on you.

BETTER CALL SAUL: Where to start? This show is amazing. If you liked Breaking Bad you will love this show. I feel like I can relate to Saul on so many levels it's tragic. I feel bad for him and I look forward to the day when he rises in the black market of legal aid! Though, I'm worried for his epic fall and eventual management of Cinnabon. Viewer Discretion: like Breaking Bad this show is dark, no where near as dark as Breaking Bad, but still.  Actually, our post title is from Breaking Bad. In Saul's final scene of Breaking Bad he predicts he will be working at a Cinnabon, which is exactly how Better Call Saul starts!

There are other shows that need to be added to this list. But I can hear Sammy crying through the baby monitor, my wit and charming personality is needed elsewhere!


PS. Here's the clip from Breaking Bad where Saul predicts his sad future. Side note, Walt is super scary! I hope you appreciate this clip, it was really hard to find! 


  1. Bachelor! Yes! And yes on better call Saul! Gold!

    1. Audrey, You just became that much cooler! Also, RIP Bolivia (Ben + Olivia)