Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I swished wished you'd stay!

I felt so happy in this moment having lunch with Danny I thought I would take a picture of my current surroundings to remember. 
Anybody else sick of the internet? For a few months now I have been so fed up with it. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest you name it I'm over it. Someone always wants something from me. Pinterest wants me to spend money I don't have on crap I don't need. Facebook wants me to compare my life with others and Instagram wants me to post perfect pictures in tiny squares for others to look at. Everybody knows that one only uploads the best part of their lives onto social media, yet everyone struggles comparing themselves. yuck. 

Danny has been carrying around this black bag, meant for sunglasses, full of items he calls his treasures. I thought I'd take a picture of them to remember. 
*Scuba Steve
*Lightning Mcqueen (queen)
*Yellow sports car (bumble bee)
*Zepplinger (noon)
*Quarter (money!)
* Other cars (Samily hotwheels aka Family of hotwheels) 

It's sweet that this is what he considers treasure. 

Yesterday I busted out the "activity folders" with Danny. He mostly tore them apart. But instead of pairing the clouds to their matching colors he made a rainbow. I wasn't there to see him make it but it was a sweet surprise. it really does require only a little effort for me to make him happy. I need to put forth more effort for sure.



PS. post title brought to you by Radio Free Roscoe. I think I actually felt a little part of me die inside when the show ended. :( Anyways anytime I hear this song nostolgia hits me hard! Back to when i was in Junior High/High School and tuned into teen nick to watch this show at night 11pm? Midnight? Not sure. They were so cool. I miss it, maybe someday I'll buy the DVDs and rewatch it. I'd like that.

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