Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Honey Pot

Danny is obsessed with these youtube videos that have "surprise eggs" this is me surprising him with 99c bubbles from Walmart. Funny how you don't have to have a ton of money to make a kid happy! 
Yesterday I managed to get out of the house and to the park with Danny and Sammy. I ended up putting sammy in a carrier and walking there with Danny. When we were gearing up to leave a family with two boys about Danny's age showed up. The parents looked so happy and so at ease. I wished that Wyatt and I could be that way. They looked so happy, the parents were actually taking turns pushing each other on the swing. I wondered if Wyatt and I would do this, we probably wouldn't, we wouldn't be at the park! They were so nice to Danny, they insisted their kids play with Danny and share their toys. Sammy was getting ready to eat so we couldn't stick around for too long, I wish we could have though. They were so pleasant. They explained that on a whim they bought a three dollar kite from the grocery store and proceeded to put it together for their kids. Danny was so excited, they offered to let him fly it. Who are these people?! Later I told Wyatt about how deeply touched I was by their happiness. I also told them I wished I was more laid back like that. He simply replied "Its the island way" Geez I wish I could adopt a little of that mentality. I need it. Stress clings to me a like an expensive perfume... Whatever, hopefully I'll see them at the park again.

I worry and stress about so much. I'm starting to wonder if half of it is even necessary. Take being a parent, we have so much more to stress about than, say our great grandparents did. People used to let their kids play outside, now I'm paranoid someone will snatch up my baby! No one cared how much or how little TV your kids watched, who cares?! Sitting down one on one with them and making sure they meet milestones? Nope, nobody cared. The list goes on and on.  I think if I had to explain my dream parenting in a nutshell it would be that I enjoy my kids. Sometimes I enjoy them a little less and have them watch TV. Does that make me a bad mom? Probably not, but in todays competitive pinterest world if I'm not doing some elaborate craft or mentally stimulating activity every day with them I'm terrible! I would stress so much less if I accepted the fact that Danny watches TV, Sammy probably will too. But I try my best, I try my best to play with them and make them feel loved. Isn't that enough?

Me taking the time to really soak in my baby. This is for all those women who say "Enjoy them while they're little"! :)

Wyatt and I stayed up late watching three episodes of Better Call Saul. That's kind of our thing, we enjoy watching shows together. We regretted it later in the night though, Danny woke up a bunch and we were dead tired. Sammy, funny enough never woke up. Love my dream baby! When Wyatt and I watch shows together and get excited talking about them it reminds me that we do have a lot in common and that we really do like each other, it's just, kids literally get in between you and your spouse. As in, they sleep horizontally in between you. (Why they can't sleep vertically is beyond me). Kids make you sleep deprived and a little crazy too as well. I could go on and on with this list, the point being when people tell you to keep doing things you and your spouse enjoy doing together it's so so so important.

In other news I started listening to podcasts and I really love it! Wyatt even listened to a few yesterday, which I attribute to me talking about the ones I was listening too. Though he says it's not. Two days ago he said podcasts were stupid, then last night he spends twenty minutes talking to me about one he listened to, yeah I think I got to him :). Anyways, it opened a whole new world of conversation for us, which I'm really happy about.

Danny pretended to rock me and sing "Rocka bye baby" and it was really cute, though he freaked out when I asked him for a kiss. I guess I took it too far. lol


PS. Post title brought to by Mr. Curry on Paddington. I really like Peter Capaldi and found his character hilarious. It was really hard finding a clip for his character. I found this compilation of clips, and am annoyed that there is music... why? Anyways I love that he calls Nicole Kidman's character "Honey Pot". It's hilarious! Sadly, this video did not contain my favorite scene of his! He offers Nicole kidman some sandwiches and pickles as a celebratory meal. 

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