Monday, February 8, 2016

Freshly picked, I love you!

Can you believe Samuel is almost three months old? I can't, time has seriously flown by.  Over the last few weeks Sammy has started to strut his crib moccs that Freshly Picked gifted to him! So I'm sharing three reasons why Freshly Picked is the king pins of the moccasin world.

First off, comfort. Have you ever felt a pair of Freshly Picked moccs? No? Let me explain it to you. As you run your fingers over the moccs your fingers will sing praise and you will wonder where these shoes have been all your life. Sadly, they are not available in adult sizes, I'm sure we could write a letter to freshly picked about that ;). While we're working on getting adult sizing, lets bask in the peace of mind that these buttery soft moccs offer you. As a mom I've always worried about my kids' comfort--I let them hang out in pajamas more than I should because of this. When I put these moccs on my baby he not only looks fly but I know that he's comfortable. Win! Don't waste time with uncomfortable rigid baby shoes, skip right to the comfort that high quality leather offers.

Second, practicality. If you've seen the movie "Look who's talking" you'll know that the protagonist's love interest uses the excuse of a missing baby shoe to get into free movies at the theater. When I was younger I thought this was genius and promised myself to use this trick, fast forward fifteen years and I've realized that a missing baby shoe is nothing to laugh about. It's awful, you dish out twenty bucks for these adorable shoes you just couldn't pass up. You daydream of what your child will look like wearing them. You imagine all the scenarios where strangers stop to compliment your babies footwear. However, like Taylor Swift, baby shoes are a nightmares dressed as daydreams. You'll be out on a walk feeling amazing then you look down to admire said baby shoes and realize realize your baby is missing a shoe. Panic sets in as you search for it, you retrace your steps and slowly lose sanity as you try to imagine where it could be. Sadly, many times, you never find it. Suddenly that twenty dollars you dished out is wasted. But alas there is hope! Freshly Picked moccasins never (NEVER) slip off. Both my babies had really skinny feet, they slipped their shoes off with ease. It was so annoying. However every time Sammy leaves the house wearing moccs we return with not one but both moccs still on his feet. I can't stress to you how amazing this is.

Third, design. These moccs are so stinking cute and they go with everything! Sammy wears his moccs every day. It's nice to dress him up a bit without sacrificing his comfort or worrying that he'll lose the shoes. With a wide variety of designs and colors you won't have problem pairing them with outfits.

I realize that Freshly Picked moccasins are expensive; however, they're worth it. Why spend money buying low quality shoes when you could just buy one really well made pair of moccs? You pay for quality. You can match them with anything, they won't fall off your babies feet and they're super comfy.

Ps. I have received a free product to review but these are 100% my own words and opinions! Peace and blessings!

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