Monday, February 1, 2016

Danny, worm!

Pictures from Utah! We seriously had a blast and can't wait to go 

Going clockwise:
Danny and his cousins partying hard for his third birthday!
Sammy being adorable
Sammy adorably crying
 Grandma Linda and Madisson, some of Danny's favorite people in the world! A side note, Maddison has a twin sister and as a prank we decided to present the two to Danny and have him tell us which one was Maddison. He turned to us and said "Two Massisons!".
A picture taken by Danny of his Grandma Linda
A picture taken by Danny of me!

A little side note about the sledding picture, the kids were going sledding and I really wanted Danny to experience that so I went along with them and took Danny. I thought Danny would have a blast and would forever look back on this time as a cherished memory sledding with cousins. The reality was he cold, wet and very angry. We turned back less than ten minutes later. ba hum bug.

Okay that swing is inside Dyralise Anthony's house! It's kind of a big deal, an INDOOR SWING. I'm happy my kids got to sit it in, sort of! :) 

Ps. Post title brought to you by Danny, who has recently started rolling on the floor and saying he's a worm. it's a lot funnier and cuter than it sounds. Love him!

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