Monday, January 4, 2016

Feliz Cumpleaños Daniel

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy! I can't believe that my little boy is three years old. It seems like just yesterday I brought him home from the hospital, panicked wondering how I would keep him alive! Suddenly, I turn around and he's three years old! Danny has been my little buddy since the day he stepped onto the scene. We've shared so many adventure together and I'm excited for the ones that we have yet to experience! 

A few things that we love about Danny are...

*His sweet personality. Danny loves giving Wyatt and I hugs and kisses. He's always concerened on whether we're "kay". He freaks out when he hears Sammy crying, though I'm not sure if that's out of concern or annoyance. Eiher way, it's adorable.

*His Vocab. He's talking so much more now, and he's actually starting to have conversations with us. Some of our favorite things he says are; opati, fresas (old one), porpeller, yes (he always says "yes" rather than "okay", which he used to say, and "yeah" which is what Wyatt and I say) and puffer fish. 

*His interests. He loves cars, sea life, and eggs. He used to have an obsession for pumpkins but it's safe to say that we've moved on from that. 

*Because he's ours. We love Danny simple because he's ours.

Happy Birthday Daniel, you are loving, kind and intelligent. 

We celebrated his birthday with his cousins, which was a dream come true for him! 



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