Sunday, December 6, 2015

If that's something you'd like to share with him

I am playing catch up with this post! Buckle up!

My dad came to visit November 6-9 and it was really fun having him here! Danny loved having "Pampa" here and he was a lifesaver for playing with Danny. At 40 weeks pregnant the last thing I had on my mind was taking Danny to the park. My dad would take Danny for long walks around the neighborhood and would make a stop at the park with him on the way home. He also fixed a few things around the house. Lastly, he taught me how to make Caldo de Holla, YUM. It's not as hard as I thought it would be but I still don't think I'll be trying it out anytime soon!

My mom flew into town November 9 and Sammy was born November 10! She hung out with Danny at home while I was in the hospital with Sammy. Then we brought him home! Mainly, we hung out at home and ate the delicious food she was cooking. It's so nice not to have to cook and clean! I appreciated her coming out so much!
Starting upper left hand corner and working clockwise:
#1: We went to the Scottsdale train park. Our favorite park.
#2: This kid is long and skinny, like Danny, like Wyatt. Next one will be short and round like me!
#3: Danny has been on an iPhone picture taking kick, he took this picture and added the filter and everything, I was pretty impressed
#4: Wyatt's work sent us flowers, how nice is that?
#5: Danny waiting to ride the train, I made my mom go with him because aint no way I was going to ride a rickety train after pushing a baby out!
#6: Just up in the middle of then night with Samuel

#1: Wyatt and I went out on a date to watch Mockingjay (thank you mom!). When we got out of the theater we could not find our car! You can't see very well in that dark picture but that's a picture of Wyatt walking around the parking lot looking for the car. Twenty minutes later and a very nice police officer we found it.
#2: Sammy all nice and clean from his first bath at home!
#3: This white flower was gifted to me from Danny, he pulled it out of the trash can and said "moma, you". It was very sweet!
#4: Pumping, pump pump pump pump pump. Story of my life....
#5: Another photo from Daniel, he caught one of Sammy's sleepy smiles!
#6: While walking to the bathroom one night I tripped over Danny's yellow car, and as annoyed as I was I realized that someday, I'll miss little potty's and cars all over the floor.
#7: Sam all nice and clean from a bath
#8: Samuels bath, Danny was so excited to be apart of it

#1: Danny has become so interested in having his picture taken as of late, not sure where it's coming from but it's been fun, and a little silly too
#2: I can't get enough of my baby!
#3: Our first outing to the park with Sam and Danny enjoying swinging
#4: My mom and Sam at the park
#5: While my mom was in town I asked her to make me Chocolate Abuelita, everyday...
#6: My mom and I at a Tamale making class!
#7: Cutie!
#8: A little selfie of our family of four!
#9: Waffles, delicious waffles

#1: Wyatt and Danny being adorable
#2 & #3: Chilli's, thank you mom!
#4: Danny, he had wanted me to take a picture of him
#5: Chillin
#6: Another satisfied costumer :)
#7: Cheescake factory dessert with my mom and Daniel!!!
#1: Danny has started putting his hands in his pockets while walking and it's adorable. In this picture he's holding my hand and walking with hand in his pocket
#2: More Sammy
#3: While wandering around in Chandler my mom and I found this really neat hotel! I'd like to stay there sometime!
#4: I love nursing Samuel so much, I legitimately enjoy it. My favorite part is when he finishes up and snuggles up to me. I have a feeling that these moments are the moments my heart will ache to relive when he is all grown up *cries in corner* Good thing that's forever away!
#5: Back to that sweet hotel

My friend and neighbor Kara came over to take some newborn pictures of Samuel. Her son's name is Samuel as well! Samuel (mine) did so well during this session, I was blown away! Danny's newborns were a pain and a half to capture!

#1: More....
#2: Danny sleeping in his toddler bed like a champ
#3: love those cuddles!
#4: Wyatt and I have realized that Samuel does not like to be swaddled! He likes having his arms up by his head! He loves to stretch out and finds being swaddled restricting. Who would have thought! We swaddled Danny up through six months!
#5: Check out my stache of milk and be jealous! Just kidding, I had to pump like a ton to get that. However, I should mention that was all built up within two and a half weeks of Sammy being around. lots and LOTS of pumping.
#6: Speaking of pumping... I promise the blanket wasn't suffocating him, it just looks like that in the picture

#1: Marco meeting Samuel. After my mom left Marco came to visit, quite literally the next day! We were so happy to have him. He's a really fun uncle and we were lucky that he came to visit
#2: Happy Thanksgiving from the Anthony's! We had chinese food for Thanksgiving dinner. China Star Buffet to be exact.
#3: Danny anxiously watching Marco make his way across this part of the park. It took Marco a few times to get it...;)
#4: Marco hanging out with Danny
#5: Okay this se saw was a lot harder to sit on that this picture is showing. As an adult it kills your legs! Marco and I took two minute turns, our knees and our legs could not handle much more. Crazy that when my dad was here he sat there with Danny for a good ten minutes. impressive.

Last week I got my wrap in the mail and decided to try it out by taking a walk to the park with Danny. Sam had been fussy all day and I was equal parts impressed and grateful that he calmed down when I put him in the wrap. Thank heavens. The time we spent at the park and walking there was nothing short of idyllic. As I sat in the shade and watched Danny run up and down the hill I thought to myself "This is the type of thing you see in movies". The weather was beautiful, Samuel was sleeping and Daniel was so happy and entertained putting rocks in the sewage drain at the bottom of a grassy hill. He would run up the hill grab one rock, then run back down and drop it in. Apart from my dark circles, spit up covered clothes and lack of a shower, this moment was truly magical. 

#1: Professional Bowler, glad we have this shirt so we can have a picture of both Daniel and Samuel in this shirt, this was my trying to recreate Danny's picture.
#2: This baby LOVES Wyatt, he gives him his best smiles and sometimes even coos! I'm a tad jealous.
#3: Our nightly routine of scriptures, children's song and prayer.
#4: Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me? .. and covered with spit up.
#5: Danny asking me to take his picture again!
#6: Me at the end of the worlds longest day, I had just gotten both kids to sleep after baths. It was a crazy whirlwind until it wasn't. until it all just kind of stopped. It was nuts
#7: Just a picture of us sitting on the couch! 


PS. Post title brought to you by P Diddy. He was being interviewed by Graham Norton... no idea how that happened. Anyways, I've been watching a lot of Graham Norton interviews while soothing a fussy baby. His interviews are hilarious and will probably be using them for post titles for a while... sorry!