Saturday, November 7, 2015

You'll always be apart of me

Gratttidue Day 7!

Today is a funny one. I was slightly disappointed to wake up and realize today was my due date. I'm still pregnant :| . I have a few friends who had my due date or were even due after I was and have had their babies. At first I felt bitter about this and was angry at the baby for not coming sooner. But then I realized how incredibly selfish and ungrateful I was being.
When it boils down to it I am very VERY grateful for the beautiful opportunity I have to carry and birth this baby. He's my own and I am so grateful that my body is able to do this. It is a miracle and my heart is full with love and awe when I consider how very beautiful being a mother is. 

Also, isn't this robe gorgeous? I am obsessed with it! It's silky,feminine and beautiful! You can find one here

PS. Post title brought to you by the song "Lullaby" by Billie Joel. I tear up every time I listen to the song. every.time.

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