Saturday, November 7, 2015

Want me to time that too?

Gratitude Day 4! 

I am grateful for my mother in law Linda. She recently visited and hung out with us for the last week of my pregnancy. (at least I thought it was my last week of pregnancy, at this point I might be pregnant forever). She cleaned the house, took us out to eat everyday and spoiled us. She played with Danny, and showered him with love and attention. The simple fact that she loves him unconditionally makes me incredibly grateful for her. I know it seems silly to say that "What type of grandma wouldn't love their grandkids?!". While an unloving grandma sounds like a paradox they exist! I am so happy that Danny will never have to wonder what it's like to have a fun, loving, incredible grandma! 
Danny has been obsessed with taking pictures of things, he's even got the selfie down! He insisted Linda take a selfie with him 

One of our delicious outings with Linda! Gosh we love In and out! 

Danny saw this car at walmart and refused to let it go. Linda was thrilled to buy him this yellow car! (his favorite color of course) 

Danny's first Build a Bear! Don't be fooled, he was happy at this moment but then  followed up with a tantrum of gigantic proportions over a car in the store that he wanted.... a car for the bear

At this point of the day I was so over Danny and his tantrums. Yet Linda had patience to spare,  she just loved him and offered him whatever he needed to be happy. Thank you. 

Just them being cute together. What can I say? My heart melted and I had to take a picture!

PS. Post title brought to you by Wyatt. Every night Linda was here I had fake labor, it sucked. Every night she would say "This is it! I know it! You are going to have that baby!!". Wyatt would keep track of of the contractions in hopes that her words were some type of prophecy. While I was having a contraction Linda piped up and said "Just so you know I'm having a hot flash" without skipping a beat Wyatt asked "Want me to time that too?". We were crying because we laughed so hard! Sadly Linda never got to see the baby while she was here... thanks a lot Sam.

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