Saturday, November 7, 2015

This is a huge pain in the rear and I hate pains in the rear

Gratitude Day 5! 

Today I am grateful for Wyatt. Without getting too mushy I'd like to highlight some of his best attributes

*Supportive, Wyatt is SOOO supportive. In many ways he pushes me to see my goals through. 
*Funny, Wyatt is hilarious. Even when I'm really upset with him he finds some annoying way to make me laugh. 
*He spoils me. Need I say more? A girl likes to be spoiled
*Forgiving, I have done a lot that needs forgiving and he graciously has forgiven me time and time again. Except when I keep the cap off the toothpaste, that seems to be one of the few unforgivable things I have done and continue to do. 
*Driven, Wyatt is driven. He zeros in on a goal and goes for it. I never once had to worry about his school work or whether he studied enough for a test because he was way ahead of the game. 
*Wyatt watches shows with me. Like the silly BBC ones i'm obsessed with. I don't know why watching a show with him makes the show that much better but it totally does! It's fun to talk about the show later together!
*Last but far from least... He is a fantastic father. He's extremely hands on and takes really good care of Danny! When Danny is sick, Wyatt wakes up with him. When Danny wakes up at night, Wyatt wakes up with him and lets me sleep. Danny loves his Daddy and I'm sure Sammy will too!

Thank you Wyatt for being you and being mine! 

PS. Post title brought to you by Mr. Wonderful from the show "Shark Tank" one of our favorite shows to watch together! 

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