Saturday, November 7, 2015

O Captain, my Captain!

Gratitude Day 6! 

Today I am grateful for Danny's cute play school teacher. While Danny might be a pain when I drop him off at school I legitimately feel like he enjoys being there! I feel like he has learned so much and has made so many friends. Today when we went to our ward fall festival Danny was kind of a pill, I love him to pieces but dang it was one tantrum after another and it got exhausting chasing him around. On multiple occasions he ran over to his teacher and she held him for a bit while she ran one of the games that kids were participating in. When I hopped on Facebook to find someone to watch Danny if I went into labor before my due date (ha) she was one of the wonderful women who stepped forward and volunteered. Thank you for loving my son and teaching him I really believe teachers make a huge difference in their students lives and Danny is so very very lucky to call you his teacher. 

PS. Post title is brought to you by the movie Dead Poets Society. A wonderful example of the difference a great teacher can make!

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