Monday, November 2, 2015

But it's your turn to mop up caca

Well, here we are. The beginning of the end of this pregnancy. This pregnancy has been interesting. The first trimester was much harder than with my last pregnancy. But I suppose that could be attributed to Meniere's Disease. I had the worst migraines the first trimester. Honestly, I begged for death with the first one. I am no stranger to migraines but holy crap these were not messing around. I would rather have labor twice over than experience that awful migraine again...  My ears also acted up and my equilibrium suffered a blow as well.

We also moved across the country during my first trimester. I can't begin to tell you how incredibly exhausting that was. I think as a whole I have been much more tired this pregnancy than with Danny's. I'm not exactly sure as to why. 

As a whole we haven't really thought about this baby as we did with Danny. When I was pregnant with Danny the sun the moon and the stars revolved around the little baby we had growing. This poor kid is lucky to get a second thought right before I fall asleep at night. 

That's not to say we don't love him. We adore him. Funny enough for such little thought we've put into him we've worried twice as much than with Danny. He is a very quiet baby, I know that makes no sense. Let me elaborate, I don't feel him move as often. In fact, I barely feel him move at all. Danny was crazy in utero. He never stopped moving. He would kick on command whenever anyone put their hand on my stomach to feel a kick. Wyatt's only felt this baby kick around three times the entire pregnancy! 

One thing that will be nice is that we'll be able to love him from the moment he takes his first breath. With Danny we got so attached to him in utero that when he was born we kind of looked at each other and though "who's this kid?". We haven't bonded with Samuel as much in utero so we get a clean slate with him from day one! 

All that being said,  if I had to describe this pregnancy in a word it would be "blessed". They say that babies bring blessings and I have seen it come to pass with this baby. The same could be said about my pregnancy with Danny. But even more so with this baby. I feel so blessed at everything that we have done with our lives in the past few months. I feel blessed that I get to stay home, so I can lounge around and be exhausted. I feel blessed that even though I haven't thought about this baby as much that I get the opportunity to carry him and have him call me mama. I am very blessed and very tired. Here's to a new chapter in my life with two sons to call my own. 

PS. This post is brought to you by the This is just a clip of a hilarious comic that they posted about why having cats is better than having babies. While I do consider babies to be huge blessings (and who even likes cats?) they do require work and sometimes they are kind of the pitts! Love them to bits though! Here's the link to the entire comic. Below is just a clip from it. A hilarious clip.


  1. Ha ha! That comic! Love all these! Good luck! Can't wait to see pics!

    1. Honestly, I'm the worst at replying to comments. This comic still makes me bust up laughing. Sometimes I'll be standing around somewhere and remember the comic and start laughing, people give me the strangest looks. They don't understand!!