Sunday, November 22, 2015

Look what's come out of me 'ooter!

Hillarie Mae Photography
It was on an ordinary day that the extraordinary happened; on November 10th 2015 I woke up well rested. As a not so proud owner of a toddler that doesn't sleep through the night, ever, this was quite the phenomenon. As I awoke and opened my eyes I considered savoring the pleasure of laying in bed without a toddlers foot in my face. However, before I could fully enjoy my glorious nights sleep I felt the first contraction. I wondered if it might actually be a contraction or gas, so I waited but it lasted a while so I decided to roll over (you have no idea how hard that is to do when you are 40+ weeks pregnant) and check my phone 7:16am. That was the first contraction! Having had many (MANY) false labors in the past I ignored it and closed my eyes again, a couple minutes went by and I had another contraction. At that point I knew I was in labor, oo de lally!

I got up and woke my mom up, I told her we should go to Jamba Juice for breakfast, I was in labor I figured I deserved to treat myself. After grabbing smoothies for everyone we went back home, I woke Wyatt up and gave him the happy news that he would not have to go to work today. He was a tiny bit excited about that. Unfortunately the same could not be said about my presenting him with his peanut butter chocolate smoothie, can you believe he didn't even take a sip of it? Waste not want not. 

I continued to labor at home for a while and get ready for the day. I took a shower, shaved my legs (shaved my legs!) and got ready. At this point my contractions were about five minutes apart so we decided to make a like a tree and split. We gave my mom detailed instructions about how to work the television and said our goodbye's to Danny promising to bring home a sibling for him when it was all over. 

The drive to the hospital was relatively fast. I had switched last minute from Chandler medical to Gilbert Mercy so the drive was a lot shorter than it would have been. That being said I had a few contractions on our ride over there. Ugh, nothing is worse than contractions you have to sit/lay through, I'm not sure about everyone else but when contractions hit I want to get up and walk around. 

We met Kim (my midwife) in the parking lot and she got us up to Labor and Delivery where a hilariously sarcastic nurse tended to us while we were in triage. At this point it was about 11:30am and I was dilated to a five and fully effaced. Sweet. Then we had to wait around in triage for an hour waiting for my room to be cleaned. I wanted a room with one of the tubs. Wyatt and I walked the halls for an hour waiting for my room to be done. All the while talking about shows we had been watching as of late, who we thought would win ANTM, how Jenna couldn't get over Matti on Awkward, you know the basics. Every once in a while we would stopped while I breathed through a contraction. 

This is where the crazy starts

I finally FINALLY got to my room, led there by my sweet labor and delivery nurse. She was a saint, and she had the coolest accent, basically I was set! I got myself in the tub (it was huge)  and sucked on a cherry popsicle. Everything was looking up, laboring in the tub really helped take the edge off of the contractions. Except when it didn't.... They started coming closer together and the pain never really receded before the other began. 
Arizona Birth Photographer
I kept desperately telling Wyatt to "help me!!" during the contractions. I look back and realize that the reason why I kept pleading for him and the nurse to help me was because last time I labored I had doulas and they were magnificent. They helped me through all the contractions, and got all the right counter pressures to relieve the pain. Wyatt stood there helplessly looking at me saying "What?! How?!".  I decided at that time I needed the epidural. Both Wyatt and my awesome nurse tried to talk me into proceeding without the epidural. they were both worried I would regret getting it. My response? NOPE! Give me the juice! Except I yelled it...."GIVE ME MY PAIN MEDS" probably a dozen times. I literally think the whole floor could hear me screaming. I fell apart and kept demanding the epidural or at least some IV meds. It was all quite comical really, me breathing through contractions while yelling at Wyatt not to touch me and the horrified expression on my nurses face. Hilarious. My nurse got me some IV meds and I became Jell-o! I was in heaven, and it knocked me out. After the pain receded I begged for my nurse's forgiveness and told Wyatt he still couldn't touch me. 
Arizona Birth Photographer
Ready to get my epidural I sat up in bed and got my epidural like the birthing champ I was. After that it was smooth sailing. Midwife came in to check me, I was at 8 and broke my water. 

We called Hillarie, our birth photographer, to come on down. She showed up fifteen minutes later, got set up and quietly stood in the corner documenting all the little moments of my labor I didn't think about.  After a brief nap (twenty minutes) I woke up feeling happier than a bird with a french fry! 

Arizona Birth Photographer

Wyatt and I once again started our friendly banter of favored TV shows. Fran, my nurse, and Kim joined in on the conversation. We spent a good twenty minutes reliving some of 30 Rock's most hilarious moments. Afterwards Kim checked me again, 10! Whoop whoop! 
Arizona Birth Photographer 
Arizona Birth Photographer: Poor Wyatt, I banished him to the corner of the room :)
It was baby time! I tried to push, but I couldn't feel anything! Unlike Danny's labor I was completely numb. So we decided I would "labor down" for a bit longer. Essentially just sit and wait for the baby to make his way down the birth canal. After a few minutes It was time to push. Because I couldn't feel my body as much with this labor than with Dannys I thought it fitting to put some motivational music on so I could push this small watermelon out.  Of course Eye of the Tiger was the only song fitting for the occasion; though I wish I had Salt and Peppers "Push It". 

Arizona Birth Photographer

Arizona Birth Photographer
One of the nurses who had come in to clean off the baby wheeled in a mirror and put it right in front of me, telling me I simply had to watch my body birth this baby. My first thought? NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. I do not want to watch my lady bits do anything, much less push a baby out. She insisted, she said that he was nearly already out and since I was so relaxed and happy I would appreciate watching it. I finally agreed to watch this take place, but my midwife was in the way! I couldn't see anything! 

At this point I had been pushing for six minutes and my midwife said no more pushing. I caught a brief glimpse of his head making his way out and was trying to get a better view when SURPRISE he was being held out in front of me! Complete surprise and bliss took over! 

Arizona Birth Photographer
Arizona Birth Photographer: Born at 5:16pm!
Love washed over me as I held out my hands for him. I was overjoyed to see him! Mind you this experience was the complete opposite of Danny's birth. I was EXHAUSTED after I had birthed Danny; I could barely hold him, and I cried from sheer relief of a successful 36 hour labor. 

But this experience, this moment, was what I had always been hoping for. I had given life to my baby and was awake and excited to see him. I kept telling everyone in the room "look look! He's beautiful!".  It was all very idyllic, I actually heard bells when he was born. Later I found out that I hadn't made it up but in fact there were bells ringing. The hospital played "Rockabye baby" and "Happy Birthday" over the loudspeaker when Samuel was born. Seriously, it was a magical moment.
Arizona Birth Photographer
A huge shootout to my "mandoula" Wyatt ;). He kept me laughing during all the labor and even when I banished him to the corner of the room he never hesitated to ask what he could do to help. 

Samuel Everett Anthony
Arizona Birth Photographer
Nine months (over nine months really) of carrying him and ten hours of labor led to the birth of my sweet baby! 

I am so happy that Hillary was there to document this incredible moment in my life. I had always wanted to have a picture of my babies first breath and she did that and so much more.  She quietly and meticulously documented all the moments that made my delivery remarkable. After taking a few pictures of Samuel with Wyatt and I she stepped out of the room to give us a moment of privacy. After a few minutes she came back in snapped a few more photos and gave us a heart felt congratulations and slipped away. Later that night she sent me the above picture to share with friends and family. I am so grateful to her for sharing her talent with me and my family. (She also put together a video of Samuels birth you can view it here

Arizona Birth Photographer: Wyatt no longer banished to the corner of the room. 

Arizona Birth Photographer
I couldn't write this post without also giving thanks to the Lord. He has given me the blessing of carrying and birthing two healthy babies. With this specific labor I had prayed for months that my Meniere's Disease would not be triggered by the exhaustion of an overnight or drawn out labor. To my extreme gratitude my labor started in the morning after a full nights rest. I had a smooth, fast and truly enjoyable experience. My ears and equilibrium  have been doing fantastic since the birth of Samuel. For that I thank the Lord every night. 

Cindita (now a mother of two!) 

PS. If you love these photos and want some of your own please contact Hillarie :)
IG: @hillariemaephotography

PS. My pretty robe can be found here

PS. Post title brought to you by a Troll from The Hobbit. I thought it was too perfect not to use. Though I couldn't find the exact clip when he exclaims disgust over Bilbo flying out of his nose I thought this was close enough!

Friday, November 13, 2015


He's here! My both flew past and dragged on all at once. I first found out I was pregnant (at the phantom of the Opera!) then all of a sudden I was 37 weeks, what?! the feeling of my pregnancy flying by was due mostly impart of moving across the country and trying to get settled, and of course having to take care of Danny. However, once I made it to 37 weeks it dragged on! I wanted so badly for him to get here, even if I didn't have all the baby necessities!  I was really upset when he wasn't born on November 5th, I mean come on, "Remember Remember the fifth of november". That would have made for a fantastic birthday.

I couldn't resist the urge to include the clip of the movie. I walked more on that day than my final week combined! I really wanted it to happen today. Whatever, November 10th is a great birthday.

I digress, he's here! (I'll write the details of his birth later) he is so sweet and his spirit and adorable face mean the world to me. I have been able to really enjoy him since the beginning. With Danny I was so exhausted from a long labor and stressed with his lack of breasfeeding I couldn't enjoy his newborn phase. But this time around I'm soaking up every tiny moment. Newborn heaven is real!

This is not to say that it hasn't been an adjustment because it defninty has. When we brought Sammy home I was so worried about how I'd show my love for both Daniel and Samuel I actually cried a little. My heart ached at seeing how big Danny looked now that I had a little newborn.

It was odd. Danny was the same but the way I viewed him had changed. It was as if I wass seeing the world with a new set of lenses. Everything was the same but so different. I know that sounds weird, but that's the only way I can explain it!

It's been a whirlwind since we brought Sam home. Danny was at first hesitant about the baby (choosing to show excitement over a bag rather than a brand new baby) however, now I really think he likes him. He expressed concern over him by offering him a french fry.

One thought that I keep having over and over is that I don't want to miss a minute of my babies! It makes me sad that I can't remember when Danny started singing along with me the Do Re Mi song from Sound of Music anymore. I can still remember his sweet face laying on the pillow facing me singing along to my singing.Cutie pie! So this time around I want to keep better track of milestones and memories. For no one else's benefit but my own really, so I can look back and cherish memories from my kids' baby years.


PS. Post title brought to you by Danny and his enthusiasm for shadows. When he catches a glimpse of his shadow he'll put his arms up on either side and tilt from one side to another saying "Sadow!"

Saturday, November 7, 2015

You'll always be apart of me

Gratttidue Day 7!

Today is a funny one. I was slightly disappointed to wake up and realize today was my due date. I'm still pregnant :| . I have a few friends who had my due date or were even due after I was and have had their babies. At first I felt bitter about this and was angry at the baby for not coming sooner. But then I realized how incredibly selfish and ungrateful I was being.
When it boils down to it I am very VERY grateful for the beautiful opportunity I have to carry and birth this baby. He's my own and I am so grateful that my body is able to do this. It is a miracle and my heart is full with love and awe when I consider how very beautiful being a mother is. 

Also, isn't this robe gorgeous? I am obsessed with it! It's silky,feminine and beautiful! You can find one here

PS. Post title brought to you by the song "Lullaby" by Billie Joel. I tear up every time I listen to the song. every.time.

O Captain, my Captain!

Gratitude Day 6! 

Today I am grateful for Danny's cute play school teacher. While Danny might be a pain when I drop him off at school I legitimately feel like he enjoys being there! I feel like he has learned so much and has made so many friends. Today when we went to our ward fall festival Danny was kind of a pill, I love him to pieces but dang it was one tantrum after another and it got exhausting chasing him around. On multiple occasions he ran over to his teacher and she held him for a bit while she ran one of the games that kids were participating in. When I hopped on Facebook to find someone to watch Danny if I went into labor before my due date (ha) she was one of the wonderful women who stepped forward and volunteered. Thank you for loving my son and teaching him I really believe teachers make a huge difference in their students lives and Danny is so very very lucky to call you his teacher. 

PS. Post title is brought to you by the movie Dead Poets Society. A wonderful example of the difference a great teacher can make!

This is a huge pain in the rear and I hate pains in the rear

Gratitude Day 5! 

Today I am grateful for Wyatt. Without getting too mushy I'd like to highlight some of his best attributes

*Supportive, Wyatt is SOOO supportive. In many ways he pushes me to see my goals through. 
*Funny, Wyatt is hilarious. Even when I'm really upset with him he finds some annoying way to make me laugh. 
*He spoils me. Need I say more? A girl likes to be spoiled
*Forgiving, I have done a lot that needs forgiving and he graciously has forgiven me time and time again. Except when I keep the cap off the toothpaste, that seems to be one of the few unforgivable things I have done and continue to do. 
*Driven, Wyatt is driven. He zeros in on a goal and goes for it. I never once had to worry about his school work or whether he studied enough for a test because he was way ahead of the game. 
*Wyatt watches shows with me. Like the silly BBC ones i'm obsessed with. I don't know why watching a show with him makes the show that much better but it totally does! It's fun to talk about the show later together!
*Last but far from least... He is a fantastic father. He's extremely hands on and takes really good care of Danny! When Danny is sick, Wyatt wakes up with him. When Danny wakes up at night, Wyatt wakes up with him and lets me sleep. Danny loves his Daddy and I'm sure Sammy will too!

Thank you Wyatt for being you and being mine! 

PS. Post title brought to you by Mr. Wonderful from the show "Shark Tank" one of our favorite shows to watch together! 

Want me to time that too?

Gratitude Day 4! 

I am grateful for my mother in law Linda. She recently visited and hung out with us for the last week of my pregnancy. (at least I thought it was my last week of pregnancy, at this point I might be pregnant forever). She cleaned the house, took us out to eat everyday and spoiled us. She played with Danny, and showered him with love and attention. The simple fact that she loves him unconditionally makes me incredibly grateful for her. I know it seems silly to say that "What type of grandma wouldn't love their grandkids?!". While an unloving grandma sounds like a paradox they exist! I am so happy that Danny will never have to wonder what it's like to have a fun, loving, incredible grandma! 
Danny has been obsessed with taking pictures of things, he's even got the selfie down! He insisted Linda take a selfie with him 

One of our delicious outings with Linda! Gosh we love In and out! 

Danny saw this car at walmart and refused to let it go. Linda was thrilled to buy him this yellow car! (his favorite color of course) 

Danny's first Build a Bear! Don't be fooled, he was happy at this moment but then  followed up with a tantrum of gigantic proportions over a car in the store that he wanted.... a car for the bear

At this point of the day I was so over Danny and his tantrums. Yet Linda had patience to spare,  she just loved him and offered him whatever he needed to be happy. Thank you. 

Just them being cute together. What can I say? My heart melted and I had to take a picture!

PS. Post title brought to you by Wyatt. Every night Linda was here I had fake labor, it sucked. Every night she would say "This is it! I know it! You are going to have that baby!!". Wyatt would keep track of of the contractions in hopes that her words were some type of prophecy. While I was having a contraction Linda piped up and said "Just so you know I'm having a hot flash" without skipping a beat Wyatt asked "Want me to time that too?". We were crying because we laughed so hard! Sadly Linda never got to see the baby while she was here... thanks a lot Sam.

Here take this it is concealer, I carry it with me everywhere I go

Gratitude Day three

I am grateful to be a stay at home mom. Lately I have felt like I haven't paid as much attention to Danny as I should. Part of me feels like a small part of our relationship is about to die. Every night I wonder if I took the time to really look at his cute face or I'm consumed with guilt at not reading him that one book he wanted me to read to him or chat about pumpkins that go "whoooo whoo" and "roll".
I'm so happy that after I have this new baby I'll be able to stay home and love on my babies. I will still have a chance to make it up to my sweet Danny and continue grown our relationship. 
It should be mentioned that when I was dating Wyatt I thought being a stay at home mom would be one of the most degrading things that could ever happen to me. Now, I realize what an incredible blessing it is. Thanks Wydo for working hard and bringing home the bacon so I could stay home and play or fight with Danny! 

PS. Post title brought to you by... You guessed it Rogelio. I've been watching a lot of Jane the Virgin okay? Wanna fight about it? 

On sad days it helps the common people to see a celebrity

Gratitude day 2!

Today I am grateful for paper plates! This went hand in hand with yesterday. You see, I have the hardest time keeping the kitchen clean. For this reason I have incorporated paper plates into my routine and boy-howdy does it help keep things cleaner! 

PS. Title brought to you by Rogelio, again :) 

It's another beautiful day to be Rogelio, wake up Rogelio wake up Rogelio!

It's November so I thought I'd jump on the basic bandwagon of posting what I'm grateful for.

Gratitude Day 1:
I am grateful for my ability to digest food. This morning as I was eating a delicious piece of toast smothered with sugary jelly I was talking to Wyatt about about a friend that has recently been diagnosed with Chron's disease and has adopted a Specific Carbohydrate Diet. After reading up on it I realized just how restrictive the diet is and man would it suck to have to eat only the allowable foods. I occasionally have to restrict my sodium to 1500mg/day (which sucks too). However, if enduring under salted foods is what my body needs to function than I don't consider it a massive inconvenience. Well, in all honesty it depends on the day, if I'm craving tacos or pizza I might cry from the sheer temptation of it.

Thank you Lord for my digestive system and it's ability to process food. Whether it be under or overly salted.  

PS. Post title brought to you by Rogelio on Jane the Virgin. I really believe he's the best character on the show and will strive to be like him.

Monday, November 2, 2015

But it's your turn to mop up caca

Well, here we are. The beginning of the end of this pregnancy. This pregnancy has been interesting. The first trimester was much harder than with my last pregnancy. But I suppose that could be attributed to Meniere's Disease. I had the worst migraines the first trimester. Honestly, I begged for death with the first one. I am no stranger to migraines but holy crap these were not messing around. I would rather have labor twice over than experience that awful migraine again...  My ears also acted up and my equilibrium suffered a blow as well.

We also moved across the country during my first trimester. I can't begin to tell you how incredibly exhausting that was. I think as a whole I have been much more tired this pregnancy than with Danny's. I'm not exactly sure as to why. 

As a whole we haven't really thought about this baby as we did with Danny. When I was pregnant with Danny the sun the moon and the stars revolved around the little baby we had growing. This poor kid is lucky to get a second thought right before I fall asleep at night. 

That's not to say we don't love him. We adore him. Funny enough for such little thought we've put into him we've worried twice as much than with Danny. He is a very quiet baby, I know that makes no sense. Let me elaborate, I don't feel him move as often. In fact, I barely feel him move at all. Danny was crazy in utero. He never stopped moving. He would kick on command whenever anyone put their hand on my stomach to feel a kick. Wyatt's only felt this baby kick around three times the entire pregnancy! 

One thing that will be nice is that we'll be able to love him from the moment he takes his first breath. With Danny we got so attached to him in utero that when he was born we kind of looked at each other and though "who's this kid?". We haven't bonded with Samuel as much in utero so we get a clean slate with him from day one! 

All that being said,  if I had to describe this pregnancy in a word it would be "blessed". They say that babies bring blessings and I have seen it come to pass with this baby. The same could be said about my pregnancy with Danny. But even more so with this baby. I feel so blessed at everything that we have done with our lives in the past few months. I feel blessed that I get to stay home, so I can lounge around and be exhausted. I feel blessed that even though I haven't thought about this baby as much that I get the opportunity to carry him and have him call me mama. I am very blessed and very tired. Here's to a new chapter in my life with two sons to call my own. 

PS. This post is brought to you by the This is just a clip of a hilarious comic that they posted about why having cats is better than having babies. While I do consider babies to be huge blessings (and who even likes cats?) they do require work and sometimes they are kind of the pitts! Love them to bits though! Here's the link to the entire comic. Below is just a clip from it. A hilarious clip.