Friday, October 2, 2015

You can't do backflips, you don't know karate, you're white trash!

So as stated in the previous post, Danny got a bunch of fun balloons from the car dealership! I had visions of using it in my weekly "bump" pictures! So the next day I tried to bring my visions to reality. It didn't turn out exactly as I was hoping. But Danny had a blast and I was surprised that it actually turned out fine! Wyatt's iPhone skills are numero uno! I can't believe week 33 has come and gone! Eek! I'm getting close!


PS. Today's post title was brought to you by Charlie from "It's always sunny in Philadelphia". This episode was hilarious.  I mean, what a hilarious way to classify someone as white trash "You can't do backflips, you don't know karate!" 

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