Sunday, October 18, 2015

Some say wrestlers make bad lovers, that they save themselves for the ring

So continues my saga to save monies,  still not doing as good as I'd like with the grocery budget. However, I have a few recipes that are very cheap, delicious and filling. Here is part two!

Say Hola to Gorditas. The word translates into fat little women, excellent. Essentially think of them as thick tortillas with beans stuffed inside them. Amigos, this is not all, you can put ANYTHING in them; cheese, beef, pork, chicken yuuuuumm. For this post I used beans, because they are cheap and I had them on hand.


Refried beans
Masa de tortilla

A tortilla press

You will notice that there is some plastic on it. That is a sandwich size ziplock bag cut in half. This keeps the masa from sticking to the press. super smart and easy clean up. You're welcome. 

STEP ONE: Make sure you have refried beans on hand. Don't know how to make beans? If you'd like I'll teach you how in a later post, always better to make your own. You control what goes into it, for someone watching sodium this is huge. Make sure the refried beans are cold!

STEP TWO: Buy Masa de tortilla at your local friendly Mexican market. Can't find it? Ask.

STEP THREE: Mix your masa with a little bit of water, now I don't have a suggestion as to how much of each. You want the masa to be malleable but not dripping wet, you will be putting it on a skillet.

STEP FOUR: Grab a handful of Masa, roll it in your hands then flatten it out and make an indent in the middle for your beans to go in.

STEP FIVE: Add beans to the middle of your Masa, then roll it all up in a big ball.

STEP SIX: Use tortilla press to flatten it out

STEP SEVEN: Slap them on a skillet. I have a skillet that people normally use to make pancakes on and such so I just used that. The temp set on my skillet is 350, you can turn it up to 400 if you think they aren't cooking fast enough. I ended up doing that out of impatience.

Add salsa or pico de gallo! Enjoy!

"Wyatt, really? Did you have to take a bite out of all of them and leave them looking gross?" "um that wasn't me" *both turn to see Danny chewing on one* *MIND BLOWN*

PS Today's post title was brought to you by Candida on Nacho Libre. Honestly, this is one of my favorite parts in the movie, not like that's saying much. There are many parts I am a big fan of. I couldn't find a clip of just the "secret tunnels" part but I found one with the whole party scene. Watch it and enjoy or don't watch it and be a wet sandwich. 

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