Friday, October 2, 2015

Now that's what I call Polka!

With a heavy heart I'm informing you of the end of an era. Two weeks ago we traded in Wyatt's white car for a new fancy sophisticated car. Wyatt's car had been having a few issues so we ultimately decided that he needed a new car. This was sad for two reasons. First being we had to say bye to his white car, which Wyatt wasn't specifically too torn over. Secondly, We had to say goodbye to our dreams of owning a home soon. *waves goodbye*

It was so hard for me to say bye to the white car. I knew it didn't have much life left in it but there are SO many memories in that car... it kills me to know that someone else driving it won't care about the fact that we drove away from our wedding in this car, or that Wyatt picked me up for our first date in this car. Here is a list of some of the moments/ memories we have had in this car. 

*Wyatt picking me up for our first date
*Wyatt and I driving to meet his friend Phil 
*Wyatt and I driving to Logan (wait what?!)
*All the fights we had while dating and engaged, there were many
*All the makeups, not as many as the fights sadly, but they were still in that car
*Driving to Wendy's to celebrate our engagement 
*Driving to the Temple together to get sealed and married!
*Driving away from our reception off to our honeymoon
*Roadtripping through California for our honeymoon, Disneyland!
*Telling Wyatt I was pregnant
*Telling Wyatt it was a boy (long story)
*Driving to the hospital to have Danny
* Bringing Danny home from the hospital
*Driving to CT, I actually didn't have to do this
*Driving to Boston, New York, Rhode Island
*Driving back to AZ
These are all just a FEW of the memories made in this car, wow not sure why that sounded naughty. 

The most important part of the car is that window pictured above. That colored window is from our wedding over six years ago! When Wyatt's brothers decorated our car, someone got the bright idea to color the inside of the window. So when we washed the car off we were confused as to why that part of the paint didn't come off. We then realized that it was because it was painted on the inside. We decided to keep it, as a memory. It was really important to me. Whoever gets it next will wash that right off without regard to why it's so important. *ouch right in the feels*

I figured we had to get a picture of Wyatt with his old car. His parents gave that to him after he got back from his mission! It was important for him to get at least one more picture with it! I took a picture of the license plate as well. The dealership was nice to take it off for me and let me keep the license plate. I have it upstairs, sitting around with no meaning or use. ugh. I need to put it up somewhere. 

Now that I got through the sappy part I have to say that Wyatt's car is SWEET! It's a hybrid and we are really excited about it. Though our budget will be pretty tight for the next couple of months. Whatever, he needed a new car and deserved something nice. He worked so hard in graduate school and works hard everyday to provide for our family. He totally deserves it. 

That picture does not do it justice. I'll have to take a picture of it during the day sometime. The process of buying the car itself went really smoothly, they even let Danny take a bunch of balloons home so his the expression on his face was nothing short of beatific for the rest of the night. 

To celebrate we went to Village Inn. I know, I know, classy. But I was craving a skillet so badly it hurt. So we made the long drive back from Scottsdale to Gilbert and ate at village inn like at 11:30 at night.

I should add that this was the same day I took and passed my Real Estate school exam. Hip hip hooray!! Hale-freaking-lujah! 



PS. Today's post title was brought to you courtesy of Weird Al Yankovic and his hilarious song titled "Now that's what I call Polka"! Take a listen, its super catchy ;)

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