Saturday, October 10, 2015

Kalencom 2 in 1 Pottete Plus Portable Potty: Review

I hate taking Danny to public restrooms, for any reason. ANY. If I have to pee, it has to be lightning  Mcqueen fast so he doesn't open the door and expose me to other women in the bathroom (this, I am ashamed to say, has happened).  Despite my insistence that he stand in one spot and not touch anything he wanders the bathroom stall looking for the next inanimate object to share germs with. Ugh.  
A close second to this awful situation is them needing to potty. It's such a pain! First, they wait till the last second, so you have to run them to the bathroom before they have an accident. I blame the show Nina Needs to Go, honestly every episode she vows not to wait, but yet time after time her bad a** grandma rushes her to the bathroom, but whatevs. I'm not looking to pick a fight with Disney.  Second, the dreaded hold them over the seat while insisting they don't touch anything--if they can refrain from breathing, that is a plus too. But I have found something amazing...
While taking your toddler to the restroom is a chore, you can worry about one less thing with this awesome potty seat! It fits all and I mean ALL toilet seats! It's secure and it's way easy to transport! Huzzah!

When I was potty training Danny I looked into other portable potty seats and they just didn't make the cut: they were bulky, difficult to transport or unsteady. I found the Pottete Plus and knew it was the king pin of portable potty seats. Guys this thing is a winner. 

The Pottete Plus Portable Potty is extremely compact, it even comes with a bag! I usually keep mine in the trunk and put it in the basket of my stroller when I go out. 

To my great surprise it doesn't wobble when I put Danny on it! This is where I would put a picture of Danny sitting on the potty but really, aint nobody got time to be spreading pictures of their kids sitting on the potty all over the internet. So I have made this fantastic illustration so you get the idea. 

Going camping? The Pottete has your back.

Guys quit messing around and buy one of these and make your lives easier, their 16$ and worth every penny! 

Anyways, people ask me about it all the time when I whip it out in bathrooms, so I thought I'd tell anyone who reads my blog *crickets chirping* about it. You can buy them here.




Ps. I felt so funny writing this post, I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I was writing about potties? Or because I was trying to tell you how cool it was without sounding lame. Made me think of this video below. I'll probably make a million friends with this potty.

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