Friday, October 30, 2015

Me and the squad on the hunt for tacos

Consider this- You have just bought your dream home in a fantastic neighborhood. Delighted by the  great deal you got on your home you decide to throw a neighborhood BBQ. Whilst mingling with your rad neighbors one turns to you and comments "I can't believe you bought the murder-suicide house!". Excuse me? You think hard, but you don't recall anyone mentioning a murder or a suicide that took place in this home. Furious you call your agent, who agrees that this information was not disclosed by the seller.

Ain't nobody got time to live in the murder suicide house! What do you do now? Sue the sellers? More importantly what does the law say you can do? Well for all my Arizonites, nothing.  What? :0  Believe it, it is not required to disclose a murder or a suicide that took place on the property in the state of Arizona 

ok...what is required to be disclosed?

A seller in Arizona is required to disclose important material information regarding the property that the seller actually knows about. Some things this would include are...

*Private/public airports
*Faulty plumbing
*Cracked foundation
*Special tax assessment areas
*Superfund sites
*Flood hazard area
*Military airports
*Expansive soil

What is a seller not required to disclose in Arizona?

*Whether there is a registered sex offender living in the area
*Natural Death
*Any felony committed on the property
*Any disease that is not known to be transmitted through common occupancy of real estate

So what do you do if you want to buy a home that isn't next to a registered sex offender or was the scene of a crazy murder? Do your homework. Check out the registered sex offenders list. Talk to the neighbors! You will gain a wealth of knowledge regarding the property in question. Chances are, you'll learn more than you actually needed to know. Gotta love neighbors!

To tie all of this in I have a ghost story for you told by an instructor at the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business....

" A client and I were looking at town homes in north central phoenix. We found a townhouse that my client really loved.While we were there looking at the property the owner came home. Both my client and the owner were single mothers and really hit it off. We spent the next thirty minutes chatting with the owner about schools, and the area in general.

My client had brought her eight year old son. Who was upstairs the entire time. It was getting late and we decided we should go. On our ride back we talked about making an offer on the home. After a while of driving my client turned to her son sitting in the back and asked him what he had been doing the entire time they were there. He replied that he was playing with Timmy upstairs. I had never heard of a Timmy, but I figured that the owner must have had a son that came home the same time she did and was upstairs playing with my client's son.

I later called the sellers agent to discuses HOA fees. While on the phone I asked her about Timmy. She didn't seem to know him either. I told her to keep her fax machine on (back in the days of fax machines) because my client really loved the property.  A few minutes passed after our conversation and the agent calls me back and says "Tony, there is something I need to tell you". She goes on to tell me that the owner had a son, named Timmy, that had committed suicide.

Needless to say my client wanted to get as far away as possible from the property and we ended up finding her a home in Glendale, over an hour away from phoenix."

Now, on the flip side if you are currently living in a house that is notoriously haunted and want to sell. No worries! There is a market for that.

For example a few years back an article was in USA TODAY about two brothers that were flipping homes in Sacramento. They boasted of their record of never having one of their flipped houses on the market for more than three days. Their secret? They advertised the properties as being haunted. Go figure. Eventually they ran into problems as one of the buyers claimed to be clairvoyant and sued the brothers saying that the house was in fact, not haunted. Of course the courts would never be able to prove if or if not the house was occupied by a ghost. The brothers came clean and said it was gimmick.


With that I take my leave! Happy Halloween everyone, be safe!



PS.  Tony Cox is an accomplished, seasoned Realtor with over seventeen years of experience. He grew up in a Real Estate family, which is where he first gained interest in joining the business. Tony is also a real estate coach and a speaker with Workman Success Systems .When not selling houses or coaching he can be found enjoying some of his hobbies which include; hiking, hot yoga and astronomy. You can reach tony at:  tony@workmansuccesssystemscom

PPS. Today's post title was brought to you by me but inspired by Hocus Pocus. Whenever I see this clip I think to myself "Me and the squad on the hunt for tacos" (or any other delicious food)

Here's a clip from the movie. Bette Midler is beyond fabulous

Sunday, October 25, 2015

I know some of these words!

About eight weeks ago Wyatt and I came across a house that we simply couldn't live without. It was our dream house, but we couldn't afford the down payment.  Heartbroken we went home to consider our crushing student debt and how it would affect our lives for years to come.

We then decided if one of us were a Realtor we could use the commission from the sale towards the downpayment. WIN! Thus began my Real Estate career.  Three days later I started my three week course.  Classes were held Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights from 6:30-10:30 pm, and on two weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from 8:30-5:30pm. 
This binder was gigantic, it was a pain lugging it around 

Because I was pregnant, the experience sucked--sitting for four and a half hours was hard.  My legs went numb all the time, and I was exhausted--I forgot how draining school could be.  I was suprised there was so much more to Real Estate than just chauffeuring clients around and showcasing homes.  A LOT more.  It felt like I was taking two years worth of law school in the span of three weeks.  Essentially you learn nothing about how to be a Realtor; instead, you learn the rules of being a Realtor, and once you get out in the world you learn how to play the game.  In the state of Arizona you need to have a minimum of 90 classroom hours from 18 lessons.  With the exception of two or three, each lesson felt like I needed to learn a new language.  Finding the time to read the lesson chapters, take quizzes and memorize vocab words was tough.  Basically our house fell apart and Wyatt claims to have gotten a taste of single parenthood. wah.
Land descriptions, surprisingly, one of my favorite classes 

Contract writing class

 I was incredibly stressed and consumed with guilt.  I know it was only three weeks, but it felt like an eternity.  Every time Netflix pointed an accusing finger at me by asking if we wanted to "Continue watching sesame street?" I needed to study, so we didn't get out much, and the TV was always on.   Not only that, but piles of dirty laundry littered our hallways.  Dishes in the sink piled higher and higher, forcing us to rely on tupperware for breakfast and dinner dishes.  Wyatt and I became like two passing ships in the night.  We would see each other for thirty minutes in the morning and thirty at night.  I was gone all weekend so we didn't do many family outings.  One such evening when I came home we decided to take a swim.  I was already in a bad mood, exhausted and drained.  While we were swimming Danny pointed out  some birds flying overhead.  As I watched the birds fly by I admired how blue the sky was and how pleasant the weather was.  I realized that my bad attitude was a waste of my energy and how deeply grateful I was for my life and the ability to even take this course.  That experience left a lasting impression on me.  Unfortunately the next day I got some fullness in my ears.  Then the roaring.  I suffered through another week of roaring in my ear due to Meniere's Disease.  It drove my anxiety through the roof and every night I cried myself to sleep. Awful.  When it finally cleared up I was so happy and relived; I thought I would never complain about anything again--still working on that.

I was amazed to see how many people were taking this course.  This school must have hundreds of students enrolled at any given time during the year. What's more, were the students enrolled.  I would estimate 40% of the students were over 40 years old, and they all had full time jobs, families and other responsibilities to attend.  They looked exhausted, just like me.  Despite all this, they were excellent students.  They took detailed notes, never missed a chapter quiz, and had answers to all the questions.

After your 90 hours, you have to take not one, but three separate tests for certification! Then surprise, if  you pass you then have to sit through an additional six hour contract class.  That's right, six hours of contracts.  I am however, extremely pleased that I took the class and paid attention--there are many different types of contracts in Real Estate, and it was good to be immersed in it.  Finally, you begin your hunt for a broker--which was actually a little overwhelming.  There are so many to pick from and each offers different incentives to hang your license with them.  That process alone took me two weeks.

The investment...good grief--we invested so much money into my Real Estate career.  Here's a breakdown of the fees.

$25-Snacks bought at vending machines (I know, so unnecessary, but after three hours a bag of chex mix sounded really good)
$75-Tests: the national and state specific exam costs a total of $75 to take.  If you don't pass the first time, you pay another $75.  I'm so grateful I passed the first time.
$60-Babysitters: my classes were in the evenings but I needed to leave Danny with a babysitter for around an hour or so.  We honestly had the best babysitters too, they are cute young women from our ward and we love them!
$40-Contract writing class
$50-Lunch on weekends

Remember how I told you I had all day classes for two weekends?  Well the only place to eat nearby  was Paradise Bakery Cafe, which was delicious.  I really could have packed myself a lunch, and I should have, but I thought sitting through four 4.5 hour classes was torture enough.  I treated myself.  Thanks Wyatt

$285-Arizona Association of Realtors: once you have finished your course, tests, and found a broker, you need to join an Association.  I joined SEVRAR because it covers the area I live in.
$210-RMLS: Multiple Listing Service. Essentially it allows you to use the online database of listings put out by brokerages and submit listings yourself.
$50-150-Broker initiation fee:  every brokerage is different and will offer different incentives; however, they will also have different fees.  Some Brokerages require you pay $150 dollars just to hang your license with them!  What?!  They might also charge $200-300 upfront for your Errors and Omissions fee (think Doctors Malpractice insurance).  My broker is a champ and reasonably priced.

Total ~ $1,145


Wyatt's parent's actually helped us with the costs--thank heavens--we are so grateful.

If you are looking into real estate you can expect to pay $1,000-1,500 out of pocket a year, depending on your broker.  This amount does not include the amount of money you invest in "For Sale" signs, "Open house" signs or business cards.

To sum things up, my Real Estate experience has been hard, exhausting and incredibly expensive. Would I do again?  Yes, in a heartbeat!  Can't wait to get started!

Also, not everything I learned was completely useless.  I learned a lot of interesting things and heard some pretty outlandish stories.  Because of this, I want to try and share a bit of what I learned each month on my blog.  Sort of a "Real Estate" spot light. We'll see if that happens.



PS. Our post title, I am ashamed to admit, has been used on a previous post before, but it summed up my test taking experience so well I had to use it again! Here's a meme and the clip from "Good Burger".

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Some say wrestlers make bad lovers, that they save themselves for the ring

So continues my saga to save monies,  still not doing as good as I'd like with the grocery budget. However, I have a few recipes that are very cheap, delicious and filling. Here is part two!

Say Hola to Gorditas. The word translates into fat little women, excellent. Essentially think of them as thick tortillas with beans stuffed inside them. Amigos, this is not all, you can put ANYTHING in them; cheese, beef, pork, chicken yuuuuumm. For this post I used beans, because they are cheap and I had them on hand.


Refried beans
Masa de tortilla

A tortilla press

You will notice that there is some plastic on it. That is a sandwich size ziplock bag cut in half. This keeps the masa from sticking to the press. super smart and easy clean up. You're welcome. 

STEP ONE: Make sure you have refried beans on hand. Don't know how to make beans? If you'd like I'll teach you how in a later post, always better to make your own. You control what goes into it, for someone watching sodium this is huge. Make sure the refried beans are cold!

STEP TWO: Buy Masa de tortilla at your local friendly Mexican market. Can't find it? Ask.

STEP THREE: Mix your masa with a little bit of water, now I don't have a suggestion as to how much of each. You want the masa to be malleable but not dripping wet, you will be putting it on a skillet.

STEP FOUR: Grab a handful of Masa, roll it in your hands then flatten it out and make an indent in the middle for your beans to go in.

STEP FIVE: Add beans to the middle of your Masa, then roll it all up in a big ball.

STEP SIX: Use tortilla press to flatten it out

STEP SEVEN: Slap them on a skillet. I have a skillet that people normally use to make pancakes on and such so I just used that. The temp set on my skillet is 350, you can turn it up to 400 if you think they aren't cooking fast enough. I ended up doing that out of impatience.

Add salsa or pico de gallo! Enjoy!

"Wyatt, really? Did you have to take a bite out of all of them and leave them looking gross?" "um that wasn't me" *both turn to see Danny chewing on one* *MIND BLOWN*

PS Today's post title was brought to you by Candida on Nacho Libre. Honestly, this is one of my favorite parts in the movie, not like that's saying much. There are many parts I am a big fan of. I couldn't find a clip of just the "secret tunnels" part but I found one with the whole party scene. Watch it and enjoy or don't watch it and be a wet sandwich. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Kalencom 2 in 1 Pottete Plus Portable Potty: Review

I hate taking Danny to public restrooms, for any reason. ANY. If I have to pee, it has to be lightning  Mcqueen fast so he doesn't open the door and expose me to other women in the bathroom (this, I am ashamed to say, has happened).  Despite my insistence that he stand in one spot and not touch anything he wanders the bathroom stall looking for the next inanimate object to share germs with. Ugh.  
A close second to this awful situation is them needing to potty. It's such a pain! First, they wait till the last second, so you have to run them to the bathroom before they have an accident. I blame the show Nina Needs to Go, honestly every episode she vows not to wait, but yet time after time her bad a** grandma rushes her to the bathroom, but whatevs. I'm not looking to pick a fight with Disney.  Second, the dreaded hold them over the seat while insisting they don't touch anything--if they can refrain from breathing, that is a plus too. But I have found something amazing...
While taking your toddler to the restroom is a chore, you can worry about one less thing with this awesome potty seat! It fits all and I mean ALL toilet seats! It's secure and it's way easy to transport! Huzzah!

When I was potty training Danny I looked into other portable potty seats and they just didn't make the cut: they were bulky, difficult to transport or unsteady. I found the Pottete Plus and knew it was the king pin of portable potty seats. Guys this thing is a winner. 

The Pottete Plus Portable Potty is extremely compact, it even comes with a bag! I usually keep mine in the trunk and put it in the basket of my stroller when I go out. 

To my great surprise it doesn't wobble when I put Danny on it! This is where I would put a picture of Danny sitting on the potty but really, aint nobody got time to be spreading pictures of their kids sitting on the potty all over the internet. So I have made this fantastic illustration so you get the idea. 

Going camping? The Pottete has your back.

Guys quit messing around and buy one of these and make your lives easier, their 16$ and worth every penny! 

Anyways, people ask me about it all the time when I whip it out in bathrooms, so I thought I'd tell anyone who reads my blog *crickets chirping* about it. You can buy them here.




Ps. I felt so funny writing this post, I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I was writing about potties? Or because I was trying to tell you how cool it was without sounding lame. Made me think of this video below. I'll probably make a million friends with this potty.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Lo que se espera con paciencia se logra

I do not own this picture. You can buy this print here
I have been feeling incredibly overwhelmed as of lately. There isn't enough time in the day for me to get done everything that needs to. It's getting stressful. Even if there was enough time in the day I wouldn't have the energy to accomplish it all. I'll set out to accomplish something then midway through my task I have to sit down and I usually stay sitting down. I'm balancing so many different things I'm letting some of the most important ones slip through my fingers. I looked into Real Estate about six weeks ago. I had no idea that it would lead to my life spinning out of control. The classes took a lot of time, studying took time, the tests were crazy long. I never had time to clean or cook. Not only that but I began starting to grow an instagram account around the same time. I don't really know why I started it but once I was started with it I thought it would be an excellent way for me to create on online presence specifically for real estate. I'm still not sure how I'll merge the two.

Now let me be clear, everything that is "overwhelming" me is a good thing. they are all blessings and opportunities. I think the major thing is time management. If I can learn how to manage my time better I won't be as stressed all the time and my home won't be falling apart. I have never been good with my time and it's apparent in my permanently being late. Which I'd like to fix.  A few nights ago, I made dinner and was so proud because I made fajitas and they actually tasted really good!

My Fajitas were good, but my lemonade was a major fail. There was something about that that just crushed me. It's like I do well in one area but everything else never pans out. The house was a mess, laundry hadn't been done, kitchen looked like a large animal suffered a seizure in it .We ate our dinner in mostly silence, I was exhausted. While sitting at dinner I realized, to my extreme dismay and annoyance, that i had doubled booked myself. I had planned an interview with a broker the same time I was supposed to be waiting around at home for a plumber to fix our leaky faucet. I obviously wanted to keep the broker interview, I'm anxious to get this process over with. Wyatt on the other hand said I should have to reschedule with the broker. Some heated words were exchanged when I finally exploded and said "Look! I have a lot on my plate right now and some things around here are going to suffer!" without skipping a beat Wyatt said something along the lines of the household falling apart. He then went upstairs and went to sleep, amid a pile of laundry crying out to be sorted into it's respectable drawers.  I felt dejected and frustrated. These past six weeks have busy and overwhelming. I haven't been paying attention to Danny like I used to because I'm either studying, calling brokers, blogging or trying to grow my instagram. It frustrates me to no extent that I can't seem to manage my time better. I don't want him to look back on his childhood and remember me being constantly on the phone. I feel like I'm neglecting my most important roles in life to pursue others. While the future is exciting I also feel that unless I learn to see my priorities clearly I could loose out on a lot of fun experiences and memories.

I'm not sure if it's the pregnancy or everything else I have going on but at the end of the day I am completely drained. I can say that my last pregnancy was way more chill. But that's okay, I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to do real estate and that I've been trying to grow in other areas too. I'm happy I get the opportunity to do so. It's just our household has suffered in the meantime and it makes me feel so very very guilty.

One of the other things I've been frustrated about is this whole process is just the responsibilities that get added to ones already waiting to get fulfilled. This week, for example, I've had to go out to several interviews to find a broker. Once again these are all good things. But every time I go out on an interview the pressure is on me to find a babysitter or a friend to watch Danny. It's not like there aren't people I can ask, there are. But nobody likes asking people to watch there kid all the time, well some people do, they tacky. When Wyatt went out for interviews or when he studied or when he goes to work I take care of everything else so he can focus on just that. I have to split my focus. It seemed one-sided and unfair. Like when I had to take my test, 4.5 hrs long,  I was so frustrated that I had to find someone to watch Danny for that long. When I expressed my frustration to Wyatt he said "oh you'll figure something out" staring another heated debate. I wanted him to stay home with Danny, take a half day. Obviously he couldn't and financially it didn't make sense for him to. But I had to take no the task of Danny's wellbeing while I was gone. Wondering if Danny was okay was always on the back of my mind while taking my test. so stressful.  Everything ended up working out and when I passed I wanted to cry tears of relief. I really felt like the Lord was helping me along.

I want to stress the fact that Wyatt has been picking up a lot of the slack around the home. He takes care of Danny at night so I can sleep, he cleans the kitchen, all the time, and he regularly does laundry. So we have both been drained and a little frustrated or stressed out for a few weeks. Last weekend the first weekend in a while where we went out and had a good time. I've been gone for the past four of five weekends so it was nice to be together and to not have to be studying or going to class. While we were driving Wyatt commented that it felt good to get out and do something and to spend time with me. He guessed that a lack of spending time together and going out had put him in a funk and he was just grumpy about it.

The future is bright and there is so much opportunity coming our way but unless I learn to balance my life better it will be my babies that suffer for it! They are my first priority. I will obviously have to set aside a few hours of the day where I focus on other things that aren't family. Because of this I will have less quantity time with them, I need to make up for it by making sure that the time I have with them is quality time.

In the movie Titanic when the boat starts flooding you watch as gigantic emergency doors are shut in every compartment of the boat. They were designed to keep the water to just one area of the boat in the event of the flood. Now I'm not exactly sure that them failing was the ultimate reason that the titanic was lost to the atlantic ocean. But I'm sure that if the doors weren't working properly it would ultimately lead to sinking. I once read a self help book that talked about compartmentalizing your life so you wouldn't let one area flood into another. Wyatt is excellent at doing this. I on the other hand am a hot mess. But in order to be successful I need to make sure my compartments are air tight. When I'm with Danny/ Sammy I need to be all the way with them. Not checking my phone, not wondering about a listing, not thinking of things that need to be done. When I'm working on real estate I can't be falling apart over something that happened at church, at the grocery store, or worrying about the future or living in the past.Currently my compartments are all flooding into one another and my ship is sinking rapidly.

I have a few ideas that I'd like to implement into daily living that I think will help me stay afloat. But I have to make a decision to change my entire life order. From free to do whatever whenever to strict observance of schedules and routines. which have never been me! But I have so much at my finger tips I only need decide that I'm ready for it. I really want to work out in the mornings, I want to read a chapter of my book at night, I want to do some yoga at night to help the awful nerve pain in my leg. I want time to just enjoy myself, I want to keep my house clean and cook regular meals. It sounds like a lot but I swear if I can manage my time, I can do it.

A few weeks ago when I was on my phone when I looked up to see a neglected little face. He had a small smile and gently asked "get me?". It kind of broke my heart. He won't be little like this forever and It will be a sad day when I want him to talk to me or to interact with me and he's to busy with whatever he has going on. I have no doubt that I will regret not giving my full attention.

I am being dead serious when I say I am too tired to run around with him. I really rally am so exhausted. I need to find a different way to play with him because heaven knows when this next baby comes things are going to get from busy to hectic. At that point my ship will have hit rock bottom unless I've learned to control my emergency doors and not let the flooding of one area of my life affect the other.

I learned that an easy activity I can do where I'm forced to focus my attention on Danny is baking or cooking with him. He loves it and I'm forced to keep my focus on him. Sad that I should even have to be forced, but there are so many things running through my head I don't even know what to do with them! Let's home I can get my act together. 


PS. Today's post title was brought to you by one of my favorite songs. "Bachata en Fokuoka" I love the lyrics, the feel and melody of the song. In case you don't understand spanish the title said "That which you wait for with patience is accomplished". I will need patience and discipline to get to where my goals lie. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

You can't do backflips, you don't know karate, you're white trash!

So as stated in the previous post, Danny got a bunch of fun balloons from the car dealership! I had visions of using it in my weekly "bump" pictures! So the next day I tried to bring my visions to reality. It didn't turn out exactly as I was hoping. But Danny had a blast and I was surprised that it actually turned out fine! Wyatt's iPhone skills are numero uno! I can't believe week 33 has come and gone! Eek! I'm getting close!


PS. Today's post title was brought to you by Charlie from "It's always sunny in Philadelphia". This episode was hilarious.  I mean, what a hilarious way to classify someone as white trash "You can't do backflips, you don't know karate!" 

Now that's what I call Polka!

With a heavy heart I'm informing you of the end of an era. Two weeks ago we traded in Wyatt's white car for a new fancy sophisticated car. Wyatt's car had been having a few issues so we ultimately decided that he needed a new car. This was sad for two reasons. First being we had to say bye to his white car, which Wyatt wasn't specifically too torn over. Secondly, We had to say goodbye to our dreams of owning a home soon. *waves goodbye*

It was so hard for me to say bye to the white car. I knew it didn't have much life left in it but there are SO many memories in that car... it kills me to know that someone else driving it won't care about the fact that we drove away from our wedding in this car, or that Wyatt picked me up for our first date in this car. Here is a list of some of the moments/ memories we have had in this car. 

*Wyatt picking me up for our first date
*Wyatt and I driving to meet his friend Phil 
*Wyatt and I driving to Logan (wait what?!)
*All the fights we had while dating and engaged, there were many
*All the makeups, not as many as the fights sadly, but they were still in that car
*Driving to Wendy's to celebrate our engagement 
*Driving to the Temple together to get sealed and married!
*Driving away from our reception off to our honeymoon
*Roadtripping through California for our honeymoon, Disneyland!
*Telling Wyatt I was pregnant
*Telling Wyatt it was a boy (long story)
*Driving to the hospital to have Danny
* Bringing Danny home from the hospital
*Driving to CT, I actually didn't have to do this
*Driving to Boston, New York, Rhode Island
*Driving back to AZ
These are all just a FEW of the memories made in this car, wow not sure why that sounded naughty. 

The most important part of the car is that window pictured above. That colored window is from our wedding over six years ago! When Wyatt's brothers decorated our car, someone got the bright idea to color the inside of the window. So when we washed the car off we were confused as to why that part of the paint didn't come off. We then realized that it was because it was painted on the inside. We decided to keep it, as a memory. It was really important to me. Whoever gets it next will wash that right off without regard to why it's so important. *ouch right in the feels*

I figured we had to get a picture of Wyatt with his old car. His parents gave that to him after he got back from his mission! It was important for him to get at least one more picture with it! I took a picture of the license plate as well. The dealership was nice to take it off for me and let me keep the license plate. I have it upstairs, sitting around with no meaning or use. ugh. I need to put it up somewhere. 

Now that I got through the sappy part I have to say that Wyatt's car is SWEET! It's a hybrid and we are really excited about it. Though our budget will be pretty tight for the next couple of months. Whatever, he needed a new car and deserved something nice. He worked so hard in graduate school and works hard everyday to provide for our family. He totally deserves it. 

That picture does not do it justice. I'll have to take a picture of it during the day sometime. The process of buying the car itself went really smoothly, they even let Danny take a bunch of balloons home so his the expression on his face was nothing short of beatific for the rest of the night. 

To celebrate we went to Village Inn. I know, I know, classy. But I was craving a skillet so badly it hurt. So we made the long drive back from Scottsdale to Gilbert and ate at village inn like at 11:30 at night.

I should add that this was the same day I took and passed my Real Estate school exam. Hip hip hooray!! Hale-freaking-lujah! 



PS. Today's post title was brought to you courtesy of Weird Al Yankovic and his hilarious song titled "Now that's what I call Polka"! Take a listen, its super catchy ;)