Wednesday, September 2, 2015

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My heart is full today! The roaring in my ear has finally come to an end and I feel like I have been given a huge blessing! I know that in the past when my ear would roar it would always go away. But honestly when it's happening I feel like I'll never hear normally again, it's a dreadful feeling. I pray harder in those days than I do any other days, though I'm proud to admit that I've been doing pretty good with prayer and scripture study! (A goal I had made earlier this year) We're also as a family doing well in scriptures and prayers. All the same, my days spent in misery were still horrific. There was one specific day were even though the roaring doubled in volume I felt strengthened by the Lord. Sort of like in the B.O.M where he strengthens the people of Alma instead of delivering them from bondage. My burden wasn't taken away but I was stronger and more able to handle it.
I am so happy and grateful it's over though. Everytime I experience that I realize how beautiful and wonderful my life is. Regardless of anything else going on (paying off debt, student loans). I realize how small my trials are in the scheme of things.
My R.E. Class is going well, I have to admit that I like being in school again, sort of. The four and a half hours is hard to sit through. The Saturday Sunday all day classes are the worst. But I finished the last one yesterday!!! Wahoo! So I have this week and Saturday morning class then I'm DONE! I only hope I can pass the test!! 
Danny's been so cute lately, it's bittersweet to watch him get big. Naturally he'll always be my baby. 
I thought I should write down a quick walk down memory lane Wyatt and I took yesterday. Back to Christmas and Christmas Eve. Which you know were extremely difficult for me. We remembered that Wyatt originally had to work Christmas Eve (when the roaring in my ear started). It was depressing to think that not only would Danny and I be alone Christmas Eve, but also left without transportation.  On top of it all I had this horrible roaring in my ear and my ears were full of pressure. But as he left the apartment to go to work he realized he had a flat tire, which was frustrating because the last two months had been filled with small misfortunes like this. It was crushing! However, because of his flat tire he was told not to worry about coming to work!!!  We were able to spend Christmas Eve with him and get out and have fun! Instead of spending a day full of crying, I was blessed to be strengthened by Wyatt and distracted by family time. I am a firm believer in thinking that flat tire was a blessing from above. 

That's all! 


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