Tuesday, September 8, 2015


 First off, this product is a WINNER in my book!

Now, let's get down to the nitty gritty. For the past few months I have been trying (and failing) to stick to a grocery budget. One thing that kills me is produce, it's expensive! I am well aware that it could be more expensive and am eternally grateful it is not. However, for our "fresh out of graduate school" budget, produce seems like a luxury  we just shouldn't be buying.

I found the best bang for my buck, with produce, at a store called Ranch Market. Not to be confused with Rancho Market. I'm being completely serious when I say it's the best, examples being 25 cents for cantaloupe, 1$ for watermelon (not per pound, the entire thing), 1.50$ for a large container of raspberries. I could go on, this store is legit.  However a large drawback to these amazing prices is the shelf life of the produce. They go bad FAST. The first time I shopped there I bought tomatoes that grew mold four days after I brought them home. Granted, they were crazy cheap, but still four days?! If you are shopping everyday for produce you will use within two days, this is your store. But really aint nobody got time for that.

I wanted to pay low prices for produce and have it last longer! I took to the internet to see what was on the market and Blueapple came up in my search.  I jumped on Amazon and sure enough, it had fantastic reviews. However, it was $14.28! That's expensive for something I'm looking to test out. Then I found it at Bed Bath and Beyond for $9.99, win! Throw in their 20% off coupon and you have a beautiful thing going on.

So once you've brought it home you'll notice, they aren't very big. Which I thought was good because I have the worlds smallest fridge and need all the space I can get. It's a plastic apple, no bigger than a golfball. When you open it, you see this little packet. This is the filter you need to change out once every three months. Though I have a friend who says she's gone a year before changing hers out.  (she and her husband swear by Blueapple)

I threw it in with my veggies and put it in the crisper

A fantastic picture, if I may say so myself...

A week later (September 4) here is what I was left with

Cucumbers go fast at my house, so they're gone, but look at the rest of them! Granted that poor fellow in the bottom left hand corner had to be thrown out. RIP. But look! No mold! Wahoo! Here is another picture from Today (september 8)

Guys this is 11 days after I bought these! At RANCH MARKET. NO MOLD! Wahoo! I am a believer! (and a little bit of a Belieber too) My stamp of approval goes to Blueapple, I'm excited to buy all sorts of nice produce and have it actually last a week!