Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A homicidal car tire comes to life possessing the terrifying psychic ability to...

My mom came to visit for a few days in September and it was amazing! It's crazy to see how your relationship with parents/in laws changes after you have kids. Knowing that they love your kids as much as you do is both sweet and reassuring. I think one of my favorite things about her visits is hearing her and Danny talking/playing in the mornings when he wakes up for two reasons #1 being that due to what I'm listening to I don't have to get out of bed and can keep sleeping if I want #2 it is so sweet.

Anyways, collectively we all agree that her visits are always too short. So when she comes we always try to make the most of it. This trip was filled with eating, cooking, shopping and reorganizing. So the typical visit really. One thing that was different was the crazy amount of time I spent studying for my Real Estate exam. I was really bummed out about it, I felt like I wasted a big chunk of my precious time with her by studying so much. But thank the Lord I passed so it was all worth it.

A few of my favorite moments form her visit...

*Anytime she and Danny played, it was so sweet to hear them
*Cooking with her, I used to drag my feet at the thought of cooking but seeing as though I'm on a tight grocery bill I need all the cheap delectable dinner ideas I can get. I also think it's neat to connect with my roots more. wahoo for Mexican food!
*Shopping, but that's a given
Danny loved those conchas! I have since bought many many more 

This was easily the tastiest appetizer I've ever had

Tiramisu, need I say more? 

Totally wiped out in the parking lot on my way to the car, just had to document that, because it was ridiculous.  
Just a picture from our morning swims 

The last night she was here, we gave each other facials. As I was smoothing the cleanser on her face I studied her face, first off I couldn't believe how nice her skin is, I mean she's 62 years old and her skin is so well taken care of. Secondly, I took note of the laugh lines on her skin and wondered how many of those had been created by laughing with kids and grandkids. I've gained a new appreciation for my mom now that I have kids (pregnancy counts right?). She worked full time since I can remember, kept the house clean and cooked everyday. I consider my day a success if I showered! How many days did she get up for the day already bone tired? How many times did she come home from a long day at work ready to cook and clean? Honestly, it makes me kind of sad to think about how much she had to carry on her own. When she was here I was asking her about some of my favorite meals growing up and if we could make them while she was here. She laughed and replied that she made those meals when we had no money to buy groceries. I can't imagine the stress, she must have gone through. However I am eternally grateful that she was my mom and that my kids get to call her grandma.

I can't believe she's gone, but it's nice to know she'll be back in November to help with the baby. Also, Linda will be here end of october! yahoo!



PS. Today's post title was actually a movie we stumbled across on Amazon instant video. We didn't watch it but we thought it was all sorts of ridiculous!! It's called "Rubber" and here is the description...

"A homicidal car tire comes to life possessing the terrifying psychic ability to explode people's heads at will, and goes on a rampage through the desert"

What a gem.

Do I recommend it? Nah, skip that and watch something like Napoleon Dynamite. Quality movie!
Also, I had to add this picture of my veggies 2 WEEKS after that original picture I took with the bluapple. That thing is money!

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