Friday, August 14, 2015

Time spent crying in class

It's been busy then slow off and on around here. Lot's of exciting things happening! So first and foremost I found the house of my dreams. Honestly, it's gorgeous... see below....

Breathtaking right? Unfortunately the community we're thinking of buying in (Eastmark) doesn't allow that beautiful door. (ba hum bug, party poppers). But it's incredible inside and out! It's one story which is exactly what I wanted! Four bedrooms three bathrooms and a beautiful living/kitchen area! We saw it first in Chandler for 317,000$ uh, no can't do that. Then we saw it in Queen Creek (shown above) and it was totally affordable but Queen Creek was too far for Wyatt's commute! Then Wyatt found Eastmark and our dear friend was there waiting for us! I'm convinced it's meant to be! I hope everything ends up working out so we can make it ours!! It's exciting because it's new and beautiful! you never find anything like this in CT! CT has a lot of charm but it hardly has any new builds, and those cute whimsical historic houses often have a lot of problems with heating,plumbing or foundation that need fixing! Anyways, I can see myself living here! 

I'm also taking a Real Estate class! Going through the process of potentially buying a home was been overwhelming, to say the least. It's freaking confusing. So I'd like to understand it better!Wish me luck! With God's help I could be selling houses soon enough! Wahoo! 

In other news we're trying to cut our grocery bill, and eating out bill. We're trying to cut everything! (house!) So I've been quite the domestic busy biddy over here. Get this, I made beans on Tuesday and we ate every last bit of them! That hardly ever happens for us! (sad that I admit that). I made enfrijoladas today and they tasted so good to me! I've been craving them forever but haven't wanted to make them myself... lazy. It's funny to me that I love enfrijoladas so much because it's a poor man's meal. My mom would make it when we literally had no money! But, it seems that's how it goes with a lot of favorites in the food department! Many people love mexican food, which is awesome, but it's funny to me because, it's all super affordable to make. The best is going to a crazy expensive Mexican food restaurant and seing fancy names on the menu "Flying Saucer" for silly little meals like a sope. Whateves. 

Daniel has been really sweet lately, it kind of makes me sad that he's no longer going to be an only child! Today he helped me clean the bathrooms, make lunch and even take out the recycling! Which was fantastic because I was having a hard time figuring out what to do with him because he thought to do away with nap time (aka my sanity time). However, he spent a good fifteen minutes helping me sort through the recycling, which if you are the proud owner of a toddler you know is a huge deal. He always says please and thank you. He is also quick to say welcome! 

Life is grand! I am so grateful that life is going well! I hope it continues! If you want information on this house let me know! I'll hook you up! 



PS. Today's post title was brought to you from tumblr. seriously love that place. When I saw it it made me nostalgic. BYU really whooped me. But hey, C's and D's get degree's right?! I got a few A's too, I'm proud to say!


  1. Cindy! So fun to find your blog and scope it out. I saw this house online and loved the idea of 4 rooms and one story! I just toured one in eastmark but it was getting tiled as we walked through. Hard to get the real feel for it that way. But I love that you love it!! Keep the dream and you'll be living in it before you know.

    1. Kara, wow okay I'm not used to anyone commenting on my blog ever! Hence why I was all sorts of surprised when you said you commented on my blog! The 207 really is my dream house, and I'm a little heartbroken it didn't work out to buy it this go around. They do have it fully modeled in Queen Creek, it's about a 15 minute drive. A bit of a drive but it will take your breath away! Want to go together sometime? I'll drive!