Friday, August 14, 2015

Time spent crying in class

It's been busy then slow off and on around here. Lot's of exciting things happening! So first and foremost I found the house of my dreams. Honestly, it's gorgeous... see below....

Breathtaking right? Unfortunately the community we're thinking of buying in (Eastmark) doesn't allow that beautiful door. (ba hum bug, party poppers). But it's incredible inside and out! It's one story which is exactly what I wanted! Four bedrooms three bathrooms and a beautiful living/kitchen area! We saw it first in Chandler for 317,000$ uh, no can't do that. Then we saw it in Queen Creek (shown above) and it was totally affordable but Queen Creek was too far for Wyatt's commute! Then Wyatt found Eastmark and our dear friend was there waiting for us! I'm convinced it's meant to be! I hope everything ends up working out so we can make it ours!! It's exciting because it's new and beautiful! you never find anything like this in CT! CT has a lot of charm but it hardly has any new builds, and those cute whimsical historic houses often have a lot of problems with heating,plumbing or foundation that need fixing! Anyways, I can see myself living here! 

I'm also taking a Real Estate class! Going through the process of potentially buying a home was been overwhelming, to say the least. It's freaking confusing. So I'd like to understand it better!Wish me luck! With God's help I could be selling houses soon enough! Wahoo! 

In other news we're trying to cut our grocery bill, and eating out bill. We're trying to cut everything! (house!) So I've been quite the domestic busy biddy over here. Get this, I made beans on Tuesday and we ate every last bit of them! That hardly ever happens for us! (sad that I admit that). I made enfrijoladas today and they tasted so good to me! I've been craving them forever but haven't wanted to make them myself... lazy. It's funny to me that I love enfrijoladas so much because it's a poor man's meal. My mom would make it when we literally had no money! But, it seems that's how it goes with a lot of favorites in the food department! Many people love mexican food, which is awesome, but it's funny to me because, it's all super affordable to make. The best is going to a crazy expensive Mexican food restaurant and seing fancy names on the menu "Flying Saucer" for silly little meals like a sope. Whateves. 

Daniel has been really sweet lately, it kind of makes me sad that he's no longer going to be an only child! Today he helped me clean the bathrooms, make lunch and even take out the recycling! Which was fantastic because I was having a hard time figuring out what to do with him because he thought to do away with nap time (aka my sanity time). However, he spent a good fifteen minutes helping me sort through the recycling, which if you are the proud owner of a toddler you know is a huge deal. He always says please and thank you. He is also quick to say welcome! 

Life is grand! I am so grateful that life is going well! I hope it continues! If you want information on this house let me know! I'll hook you up! 



PS. Today's post title was brought to you from tumblr. seriously love that place. When I saw it it made me nostalgic. BYU really whooped me. But hey, C's and D's get degree's right?! I got a few A's too, I'm proud to say!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Well, here's your precious princess

A new friend in the ward took pictures of my sweet Danny! She (Fatima) claims that she was just playing with the camera but I feel like these captured my little boy so well she must have be a wizard.  Isn't Danny adorable? He is the sweetest little boy, and I am beyond grateful to have him! I can't believe that he's 2.5. Mostly he seems old to me when he points out numbers and letters. We've been working on that for so long but I'm still surprised when he gets them right. 
I've been trying really hard to spend an hour each day in his playroom with him with no distractions! Just me and him, I don't even check pinterest! I know that sounds lame but sometimes playing with him is really hard! Especially when I have a mental checklist of everything that needs to get done! 
Anyways.... a few things about Danny at this stage. First off, he's a huge fan of the Toy Story franchise, he likes all three movies, though I do think that the second is his favorite. Who knows. He no longer says "opati" he says "opatus". His favorite words seem to be "gimme" (get me! As in chase me around the house) and "some" ( can I have some of whatever you're eating). He also really likes dinosaurs (di do do's). He says "shoot" a lot, whenever he's frustrated or some type of small tragedy happens. He is crazy empathetic and feels bad whenever he hears or see's a baby crying.  He is quick to tell us when something makes him sad (which is whenever we don't give in to his toddler demands, such as candy). All in all he's a great kid and we are lucky to call him ours! 

Speaking of kids, we got Samuels crib in the mail yesterday! Oh, yes we settled on the name Samuel. It was really between Joseph and Michael, but Wyatt suggested Samuel, another biblical name. The more we said it the more we liked it. So there you have it! I can't wait to hold a newborn! They are so special... though I'm not at all excited about the waking up at nights part... ba hum bug. Or the recovery from having a baby. My body was wrecked with Danny, we won't even go into the details! But whatever, it was worth it! 

Life is going really well and I'm really happy about it. My ears have been pretty darn happy, we're all healthy and safe. Our house is beautiful and new and we have neat stuff. So life right now is pure bliss. #spoiled. #blessedaf . Wyatt started his new schedule and surprisingly we love it. It's nice for him to sleep in a little, we like spending mornings together. I also feel like his new schedule gives me more time to get housework done. Honestly, I've been SO domestic since we got here! I cook and clean. I'm proud to say that Wyatt comes home to a clean house and a dinner on the table 3/5 days of the weekday. I know 3/5 isn't a huge deal but it is to me! I totally get ready too, take a shower, do my hair. Basically I'm legit right now. I'm sure it will all fall apart when we have the next baby, but for now I'm doing pretty darn good! 

We've been reading scriptures with Danny every night and saying family prayers. We even had our first FHE this past week. #bliss Haha! I need to add we took Danny to the rainforest cafe this last weekend and it was pretty cute. He was terrified. But then he warmed up to it and he really liked it! We also bought him some crocs (freaking expensive) because Danny refuses to wear anything that isn't comfortable.... ugh. such ugly shoes. I always thought I'd be a chill mom who is cool with her kids being whatever they wanted but I never fathomed one of my children liking crocs. ew. I was trying so hard to get him to pick a more... aesthetically pleasing shoe but he was hellbent on the crocs. When it suddenly dawned on me that this is what I was trying to avoid! I wanted to be the cool chill mom who lets her kids wear what they like and be themselves! Yet here I was trying to force him into picking another shoe. Moral of the story? Danny likes comfort and I should be good with that, so I am. Also, since he's been wearing them I find myself wanting a pair myself. omg. 



PS. I found this post on tumblr a while ago and it was hilarious! I still laugh about it every time I watch sleeping beauty!! I couldn't find the original post, sadly! *sigh* UPDATE I FOUND IT!