Saturday, July 4, 2015

That's the shark's house

Happy Fourth of July!!!! Fourth of July is one of the few holidays that maintains it's magic as you grow into adulthood. For example, Christmas will always be one of my favorites but you go from being showered with presents and money to being bled dry!  Thanksgiving goes from an enjoyable feast and a nice nap afterwards to working at a sweat shop with the cooking and cleaning. But the sun never sets on freedom! So let it ring! 

While there is still a considerable amount of work to be done with celebrating our incredible country there is a feeling of pride, unity and excitement. I know no one's really reading my little corner of the internet but I think it's only appropriate to take a moment and remember all those who aren't with us because they actually laid down their lives to defend our rights and freedoms. We should remember military families and all they sacrifice. We should remember all those who can't enjoy a BBQ because they are currently out protecting families all across the U.S. The bravery of those who join the military takes my breath away. My brother is a proud member of the Navy and I look up to him and appreciate the sacrifices he makes to fulfill his role as defender of the country. God bless America, God bless our soldiers. Because of them, my babies have bright happy futures ahead of them.


We drove to Utah to spend the fourth with family and I think Danny is really getting a kick out of it! The kid is so lucky to have such awesome an awesome family. I love our family (both of them) and am grateful they accept and love me despite my ever growing pile of flaws. 

Danny was excited about seeing his Grandma and Grandpa the entire drive. I made a point to not mention them when we still had forever left on the drive so we wouldn't have a broken record on our hands (grandma? grandma? grandma?).  My parent's are so sweet to Danny and really love him unconditionally. I suppose that's one of the magic moments of parenthood. Seeing your parents love and play with your kids.

The minute we got to the Anthony's house Danny's cousins swarmed him! They were so excited to see him. They wanted to play with him, love him and carry him around (he's the youngest so they treat him like a baby) (I'm cool with that). Seeing him play with his cousins these past couple days has been everything to me. It's what my heart aches for when we go to the playground and he has no one else to play with. My son has always been extremely outgoing, warm and social. However, sometimes other two year old's don't reciprocate. (maybe they're too young to really play together).
Danny has taken a particular liking to Taylor. My sister-in-law's oldest son. Taylor is eleven and he literally has the patience of a full grown adult (well, he probably has more) He spent all day watching Danny and letting himself be dragged around to different areas to be shown "that one!". His cousins are all so warm and kind it makes me so happy he has them. 

He is in love with his aunt Maddison, he has clung to her like a bird to a fry. She's so sweet to him and legitimately loves playing with him. My kid's cute, but playing with any two year old all day will drain you.

It was a wonderful Fourth of July and I'm happy Danny got the ultimate experince complete with a dozen Popsicle, cousins and fireworks. 
My country tis of thee
sweet land of liberty
of thee I sing



PS. Today's post title was brought to you by the viral video of a woman's plea for people to stay out of the ocean! 

PS. Sorry the post looks like a hot mess, I couldn't get it to work with me. Freaking blogger.

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