Sunday, July 26, 2015

That moment you realize you are Edmund

 Well we've been back from our Utah visit for a while now and we are truly feeling the withdrawals of  family. Danny got so much love and attention while we were there it kind of blew me away. Don't get me wrong, I never expected his cousins to be rude to him, but I sure as heck didn't expect them to want to play with him. They were SO excited about him, they kind of treated him like a wee baby, but that's okay with me! Even cute Lyla (who's not even a year older!) would reach out to Danny and say "come with me danny let's play!" She would even be concerned if he were crying or otherwise upset. I thought my heart would burst seeing him play with his cousins. Each one of them loved him and thought he was the shiz. I was especially warmed by seeing Taylor play with Danny, Taylor is eleven years old (twelve in september!) and he was just so sweet to Danny. He let Danny drag him around everywhere and was excited to play with him. While my little description doesnt do his stellar cousin experience justice I will always remember how they played with him. How they loved him and how they made him feel like he was on top of the world! 

Thomas played "duck duck goose" with the kids and it was adorable. Danny would get up every time someone said "Goose" and he'd run. He wouldn't run in a circle mind you, he'd just run in some nonsensical direction.

A special shoutout has to go out to Thomas. Danny's pretty fortunate to have freaking awesome uncles. By Danny I mean me. Thomas was home for a week between EFY sessions (he was a counselor) and he played and played with Danny while he was around. Which gave me time to pretty much do whatever I wanted to. One night in particular he and Linda stayed up with him so I could have a Danny free night. It was glorious, I didn't even get up to pee! (that's a huge deal because I swear I pee half a dozen times each night)(the struggle) 


I had asked Linda to give me and Danny a ride to the movie theaters so we could watch the Minion movie. Naturally, being Linda she hoped online and bought our tickets! We went to the new theater down where Geneva Steel used to be. It's legit, its brand spankin new and it's HUGE. It's easily the nicest theater I've ever been in. Seriously, Vineyard at Geneva movie theater knows how to please. The cream on top? THEY HAVE A QUIET ROOM. Basically, parents with crying toddlers babies can sit in this room and watch the movie while their kid freaks out! Its soundproof so no one will hear your baby screaming AND they patch the sound into the room so you can watch the movie! They have leather recliners in there! Young mother heaven. I have always felt bad for people who have to take their kids to the movies so they can watch a movie (much like wyatt and I when we lived in CT). I hate when people freak out at them. They're doing their best! Throw them a bone! Every theater everywhere should have this option. I would spend a fortune there to be able to watch Jurassic World with a some month old or Star Trek when it came out. More importantly SHERLOCK when it comes to theaters, but I think I'd break the bank with a babysitter for that gem!

Alex and Maddison live in the basement so Danny got to see them quite a bit. They play with him SO much. Sensing a pattern here right? I got to Utah and basically sat around while people played
and loved my child. Oh wait no that's not right, I sat around and was fed mouthwatering food while others entertained Danny. It was a pretty sweet set up (except the sleepless nights, I wasn't a fan of those...). ANYWAYS, I think Alex and Maddison are probably one of the funnest couples I've ever been around. They've been married for a whole year now! Wahoo! They teach nursery and we got to go to their nursery class and it was a blast. They are super chill and Danny got special treatment. totally not kidding. He really did. When handing out snacks Alex gave all the kids generous amounts but gave Danny an extra heaping exclaiming "Danny gets the most because I love him the most". Pretty cute huh? 

My lego version of Westeros ;) 

I had to snap a picture of him sleeping, I work so hard to get him to sleep but once he's sleeping I kind of miss him and I think to myself how big he's getting :( 

As If Danny needed anyone else to love him cute Gracie came over to play with him a couple of days (for hours!) She would actually call and ask if she could come play with Danny. She even made me a cute bracelet and a little purse to show her gratitude for letting her play with Danny. How sweet is that? Pretty sure I owed her a bunch of purses and a Tiffany's bracelet for all the time she took care of Danny for me! 

Our visit to Utah was wonderful and it made me crazy happy to see how happy Danny was. He had so much fun. Though, as you can see in the above picture he left with a souvenir. he burnt his foot running on the porch at Nanny's house :( I seriously felt SO bad. my heart broke every time I saw him limp around complaining about his foot. Luckily, his foot is all healed up!


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