Sunday, July 5, 2015

A job that's dirty but someone's gotta do it

You guys! Today my outfit was on point! My hair worked out and even my nails were painted! I had to get a picture after I got home from church. I promptly changed into leggings and a T-shirt but for a couple of hours I was pinterest worthy shiz! I think I am twenty four weeks along! This pregnancy is flying by! Sometimes it makes me a little sad because I haven't taken the time to take it all in like I did with Danny. But, aint nobody got time for that! I have a two year old to run around with! Anyways, behold my OOTD! 

Looking fresh! I went to nursery with Danny today. Alex and Maddison are nursery leaders and it was fun hanging out with them. Also, I got to eat snacks (winning!). One of the many things I love about pregnancy is that you can eat all the time and nobody gives a hoot! You are exempt from all fast Sundays and societal decorum involving food. Long live pregnancy perks! Because, sadly, it all ends the moment that baby comes out! You'd think that mother nature would reward you for having  a baby. Such as, a nice body, perky boobs and a strong bladder. Unfortunately postpartum looks more like jiggley-wiggley core, zucchini boobs, and a nervous wreck of a bladder. **sigh** 


PS. Today's post title was brought to you by Family Feud, need I say more? 

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