Sunday, July 26, 2015

Not Today Thieves

I found this awesome recipe for crock pot teriyaki chicken on pinterest and I had to share it with the five people who read my blog. Anyways it's stupid easy and pretty sure it will be a regular at my house. Thank you to Ali for sharing it! I will forever sing praises for your delicious and easy meal! Lazy wife win for sure!


This Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken recipe is simple to make, full of great flavor, and made with natural sweeteners.


  • 2 lbs boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/2 cup chopped white onion
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 1/2 cup soy sauce (use low-sodium if desired)
  • 1/4 cup rice wine vinegar
  • 1 Tbsp. chopped fresh ginger
  • 1/8 tsp. freshly ground black pepper
  • 1/4 cup cold water
  • 3 Tbsp. cornstarch
  • (optional toppings: sliced scallions and toasted sesame seeds)


Add the chicken breasts to the bottom of your slow cooker in a single layer.
In a separate bowl, whisk together the garlic, onion, honey, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, ginger, and black pepper until combined. Pour the mixture on top of the chicken breasts. Cover slow cooker, and cook on high for 4-5 hours, or until the chicken is cooked through and shreds easily with a fork. Remove the chicken with a slotted spoon to a separate bowl and shred it using two forks. Transfer the remaining teriyaki sauce from the slow cooker to a medium saucepan.
Meanwhile in a separate bowl, whisk together the cold water and cornstarch until the cornstarch is dissolved and no longer lumpy. Pour the cornstarch slurry into the teriyaki sauce mixture, and whisk to combine. Bring the mixture to a boil over medium-high heat, and let it boil for about 1-2 minutes or until thickened. Remove from heat, and pour the sauce on top of the shredded chicken. Toss to combine.

This incredible recipe was brought to you by I just found it on pinterest and put the directions here! That delicious looking picture is from Gimme some oven as well! I wish I my photography game was that strong. 

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That moment you realize you are Edmund

 Well we've been back from our Utah visit for a while now and we are truly feeling the withdrawals of  family. Danny got so much love and attention while we were there it kind of blew me away. Don't get me wrong, I never expected his cousins to be rude to him, but I sure as heck didn't expect them to want to play with him. They were SO excited about him, they kind of treated him like a wee baby, but that's okay with me! Even cute Lyla (who's not even a year older!) would reach out to Danny and say "come with me danny let's play!" She would even be concerned if he were crying or otherwise upset. I thought my heart would burst seeing him play with his cousins. Each one of them loved him and thought he was the shiz. I was especially warmed by seeing Taylor play with Danny, Taylor is eleven years old (twelve in september!) and he was just so sweet to Danny. He let Danny drag him around everywhere and was excited to play with him. While my little description doesnt do his stellar cousin experience justice I will always remember how they played with him. How they loved him and how they made him feel like he was on top of the world! 

Thomas played "duck duck goose" with the kids and it was adorable. Danny would get up every time someone said "Goose" and he'd run. He wouldn't run in a circle mind you, he'd just run in some nonsensical direction.

A special shoutout has to go out to Thomas. Danny's pretty fortunate to have freaking awesome uncles. By Danny I mean me. Thomas was home for a week between EFY sessions (he was a counselor) and he played and played with Danny while he was around. Which gave me time to pretty much do whatever I wanted to. One night in particular he and Linda stayed up with him so I could have a Danny free night. It was glorious, I didn't even get up to pee! (that's a huge deal because I swear I pee half a dozen times each night)(the struggle) 


I had asked Linda to give me and Danny a ride to the movie theaters so we could watch the Minion movie. Naturally, being Linda she hoped online and bought our tickets! We went to the new theater down where Geneva Steel used to be. It's legit, its brand spankin new and it's HUGE. It's easily the nicest theater I've ever been in. Seriously, Vineyard at Geneva movie theater knows how to please. The cream on top? THEY HAVE A QUIET ROOM. Basically, parents with crying toddlers babies can sit in this room and watch the movie while their kid freaks out! Its soundproof so no one will hear your baby screaming AND they patch the sound into the room so you can watch the movie! They have leather recliners in there! Young mother heaven. I have always felt bad for people who have to take their kids to the movies so they can watch a movie (much like wyatt and I when we lived in CT). I hate when people freak out at them. They're doing their best! Throw them a bone! Every theater everywhere should have this option. I would spend a fortune there to be able to watch Jurassic World with a some month old or Star Trek when it came out. More importantly SHERLOCK when it comes to theaters, but I think I'd break the bank with a babysitter for that gem!

Alex and Maddison live in the basement so Danny got to see them quite a bit. They play with him SO much. Sensing a pattern here right? I got to Utah and basically sat around while people played
and loved my child. Oh wait no that's not right, I sat around and was fed mouthwatering food while others entertained Danny. It was a pretty sweet set up (except the sleepless nights, I wasn't a fan of those...). ANYWAYS, I think Alex and Maddison are probably one of the funnest couples I've ever been around. They've been married for a whole year now! Wahoo! They teach nursery and we got to go to their nursery class and it was a blast. They are super chill and Danny got special treatment. totally not kidding. He really did. When handing out snacks Alex gave all the kids generous amounts but gave Danny an extra heaping exclaiming "Danny gets the most because I love him the most". Pretty cute huh? 

My lego version of Westeros ;) 

I had to snap a picture of him sleeping, I work so hard to get him to sleep but once he's sleeping I kind of miss him and I think to myself how big he's getting :( 

As If Danny needed anyone else to love him cute Gracie came over to play with him a couple of days (for hours!) She would actually call and ask if she could come play with Danny. She even made me a cute bracelet and a little purse to show her gratitude for letting her play with Danny. How sweet is that? Pretty sure I owed her a bunch of purses and a Tiffany's bracelet for all the time she took care of Danny for me! 

Our visit to Utah was wonderful and it made me crazy happy to see how happy Danny was. He had so much fun. Though, as you can see in the above picture he left with a souvenir. he burnt his foot running on the porch at Nanny's house :( I seriously felt SO bad. my heart broke every time I saw him limp around complaining about his foot. Luckily, his foot is all healed up!


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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I swear I've seen a lot of stuff in my life... but that was AWESOME!!

I am so tired, let me be clear, I am exhausted. I knew being a mother would mean having long nights and running on less sleep but I never imagined this. 
These past two weeks have been so hard on me. I am running on a lot less sleep than I need, not to mention I'm pregnant, and it's surprising just how tiring building a human actually is. 
Tonight specifically I feel helpless with my exhaustion. I felt bone tired around midnight and I was so lucky because Danny was tired too. Hooray! I talked on the phone with Wyatt for about five minutes then decided I literally could not even. I said goodnight, rolled over and closed my eyes to drift off into a nice heavy sleep! To my extreme dismay Danny told me he needed to pee pee. I thought about explaining to him how he's wearing a pull up and can in fact pee in his pull up. However, I didn't want to confuse him so there we go to the bathroom and he's not happy. He's incredibly tired and he absolutely wants both his pull up and his pants taken completely off before he can pee (which means we have to put them both on afterwards). We get back to the room and Danny's upset, he needs a good fifteen minutes before settling down. He wanted his back rubbed, and to snuggle up really close to me. After about fifteen minutes he finally fell asleep. Leaving me both relieved and fully awake.
I'm not kidding when I say I could have thrown up out of sheer frustration/exhaustion. My ears rang in protest and began filling up with pressure. Sound dramatic? Well it is. These are the moments where life really beats me up. I need to take a minute to say that my hardship is all relative. I thank the Lord everyday that I have my eyesight, hearing and mobility. I cherish moments with Danny and can literally not imagine my life without him. I love him, I love Wyatt. I can't wait to see Wyatt again! He is an incredible support to me and my best friend. 
But for right now, in this moment I'm in a slump. Ba hum bug 

Ps I'm really not loving my nightly visits to the bathroom. When I'm finally starting to fall asleep I have to pee! Throw me a bone!

PPS. Today's Post title was brought to you by Tommy Boy. I needed something to brighten my dark night and this was beyond perfect! 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

A job that's dirty but someone's gotta do it

You guys! Today my outfit was on point! My hair worked out and even my nails were painted! I had to get a picture after I got home from church. I promptly changed into leggings and a T-shirt but for a couple of hours I was pinterest worthy shiz! I think I am twenty four weeks along! This pregnancy is flying by! Sometimes it makes me a little sad because I haven't taken the time to take it all in like I did with Danny. But, aint nobody got time for that! I have a two year old to run around with! Anyways, behold my OOTD! 

Looking fresh! I went to nursery with Danny today. Alex and Maddison are nursery leaders and it was fun hanging out with them. Also, I got to eat snacks (winning!). One of the many things I love about pregnancy is that you can eat all the time and nobody gives a hoot! You are exempt from all fast Sundays and societal decorum involving food. Long live pregnancy perks! Because, sadly, it all ends the moment that baby comes out! You'd think that mother nature would reward you for having  a baby. Such as, a nice body, perky boobs and a strong bladder. Unfortunately postpartum looks more like jiggley-wiggley core, zucchini boobs, and a nervous wreck of a bladder. **sigh** 


PS. Today's post title was brought to you by Family Feud, need I say more? 

He transformed the pain of his tormented life into ecstatic beauty

Okay, I have a ridiculous amount of things to catch up. Such is the life of a procrastinator, what can I say, I'm a champ (I should get an award. When is pinterest sending me my W-2?)  We have made it to AZ! I am not kidding (not even a little bit ) when I say that it was the longest, most draining move. Misery. Though the sun has finally risen in my dark night. I completely did not expect to be as happy as I am. I will try to update in an organized matter, chances are it will be a hot mess.

Living situation- Remember back a couple posts when I mentioned that we weren't sure where we were going to live? Well, Wydo and I lucked out big time and are renting a brand spanking new house! So I originally found the listing under Craigslist. It looked pretty dicey. Keep in mind this is march, The listing said that there was a beautiful new home for rent sitting at a friendly $1200/month. However, it had no pictures of the house, only an image of what it would look like once it was built (red flag). I called the agent associated with it and asked to see the house, she hurriedly told me that I could go to the lot and view a model home. She didn't even give me an address! She just told me the road it was on! She then hung up on me. We went out to look at the model house and it was gorgeous! I then called the agent again and asked her what the build would look like and what the lot was. She told me she couldn't remember and hung up on me. Luckily the office staff working at the model home were able to tell me the Lot we would potentially be living in. At the time we were looking at living at an apartment and paying $1400/month so we decided to take a leap of faith. We called the agent and told her we wanted to rent the apartment. She told us to meet us somewhere in Mesa, mind you, she didn't give us an address or a destination just crossroads. We drove there, called her, then were told to drive to a City Bank in the next city over. We drove there, once again she was not there. We drove to another City Bank and she wasn't there either! All this time she's getting annoyed with us! Finally we ask her if she is in South Mountain, to which she replies an exasperated yes. We drive there and meet her in a gas station parking lot, fill out the rental application (as other people are driving past giving her money, and walk away sick to our stomachs. We thought for sure our identities would get stolen or that this was a scam. I am happy to report that we arrived in May to a pretty new house we would be living in! Our identities have yet to be stolen and there aren't other families expecting to be living in the same house, it's been a dream. I feel blessed every time I walk through the garage or use the garbage disposal! All in all I LOVE our new place! 

My ears- So as you know we were in a deep slump over my health. After many tests it was decided that I had Migraines and that all my symptoms were connected to that. Well I went back and insisted something else was wrong so they then gave me the diagnosis of Meniere's Disease. I was distraught, to say the very least. However, I went back to see a Neurotologist about two days before I moved and he told me that there was a pretty good chance that it would go away because it was such a mild case. He also told me that if it didn't that after I was done having my baby and breastfeeding I could take a medication called Serc that basically controls the pressure build up of my ears. He said that there was a good chance that after taking the medication for two years the disease would burn itself out. This all was so contrary to what I had read on the internet (googling symptoms is a really bad idea). Once again, I'm happy to report that after two weeks of moving to AZ my ears really settled down. The first week was hellish because I was dizzy ALL THE TIME. I was afraid to drive, frankly I was afraid to leave my house. They have since improved dramatically and most days I'm symptom free! Not sure how long it will last but I thank God everyday for my lack of dizzy spells and clogged ears. 

My Baby!!!- We are having a BOY! I'm so excited to hold a baby! I'm excited to have a newborn. Let me be clear, I'm not excited about waking up all the time and having a newborn to take care of. I'm actually really worried about how my ears will react with all that sleep deprivation (one of my biggest triggers for Menieres) I worry about that a lot. But I can't wait to hold him and love him! We have a couple names we're thinking of... but we still haven't' settled on any. 

Lastly, I thank God everyday for Wyatt's job. He likes it and is fitting in well there! I'm so happy he likes it and pray that he will continue to like it! Danny Has been so happy with the extra space of the house. He doesn't understand that there is a baby coming but he does think they're "cute" as he says. AZ is hot! I take him swimming nearly everyday but I am loving it! I miss CT sometimes, but am happy that I got to be there for at least two years. 

Well that's your catch up for the day! 


PS. Today's post title was brought to you by Doctor Who! This is one of my favorite episodes for a couple of reasons but the crowning jewel is when Vincent travels to the future and visits a museum full of his work and people admiring it. I get teary eyed every time I watch it! Fun fact, (well not fun, more like sad fact) It's theorized that Vincent Van Gogh suffered from Meniere's Disease and that it was vertigo and ringing in his ears that tormented him. Rather than madness.  Anyways, I love this part in Doctor Who, I hope you do too! 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

That's the shark's house

Happy Fourth of July!!!! Fourth of July is one of the few holidays that maintains it's magic as you grow into adulthood. For example, Christmas will always be one of my favorites but you go from being showered with presents and money to being bled dry!  Thanksgiving goes from an enjoyable feast and a nice nap afterwards to working at a sweat shop with the cooking and cleaning. But the sun never sets on freedom! So let it ring! 

While there is still a considerable amount of work to be done with celebrating our incredible country there is a feeling of pride, unity and excitement. I know no one's really reading my little corner of the internet but I think it's only appropriate to take a moment and remember all those who aren't with us because they actually laid down their lives to defend our rights and freedoms. We should remember military families and all they sacrifice. We should remember all those who can't enjoy a BBQ because they are currently out protecting families all across the U.S. The bravery of those who join the military takes my breath away. My brother is a proud member of the Navy and I look up to him and appreciate the sacrifices he makes to fulfill his role as defender of the country. God bless America, God bless our soldiers. Because of them, my babies have bright happy futures ahead of them.


We drove to Utah to spend the fourth with family and I think Danny is really getting a kick out of it! The kid is so lucky to have such awesome an awesome family. I love our family (both of them) and am grateful they accept and love me despite my ever growing pile of flaws. 

Danny was excited about seeing his Grandma and Grandpa the entire drive. I made a point to not mention them when we still had forever left on the drive so we wouldn't have a broken record on our hands (grandma? grandma? grandma?).  My parent's are so sweet to Danny and really love him unconditionally. I suppose that's one of the magic moments of parenthood. Seeing your parents love and play with your kids.

The minute we got to the Anthony's house Danny's cousins swarmed him! They were so excited to see him. They wanted to play with him, love him and carry him around (he's the youngest so they treat him like a baby) (I'm cool with that). Seeing him play with his cousins these past couple days has been everything to me. It's what my heart aches for when we go to the playground and he has no one else to play with. My son has always been extremely outgoing, warm and social. However, sometimes other two year old's don't reciprocate. (maybe they're too young to really play together).
Danny has taken a particular liking to Taylor. My sister-in-law's oldest son. Taylor is eleven and he literally has the patience of a full grown adult (well, he probably has more) He spent all day watching Danny and letting himself be dragged around to different areas to be shown "that one!". His cousins are all so warm and kind it makes me so happy he has them. 

He is in love with his aunt Maddison, he has clung to her like a bird to a fry. She's so sweet to him and legitimately loves playing with him. My kid's cute, but playing with any two year old all day will drain you.

It was a wonderful Fourth of July and I'm happy Danny got the ultimate experince complete with a dozen Popsicle, cousins and fireworks. 
My country tis of thee
sweet land of liberty
of thee I sing



PS. Today's post title was brought to you by the viral video of a woman's plea for people to stay out of the ocean! 

PS. Sorry the post looks like a hot mess, I couldn't get it to work with me. Freaking blogger.