Friday, March 20, 2015


 I think it is high time for a car. for sure. It's also time for some nicer weather. like what is this? It's sunny outside but you actually go outside and it's freezing. "Arizona will be awesome" uhm no it won't be, I'll get there in May then comes JUNE AND JULY. scorching heat, so aint nobody gonna be playing outside. We'll be stuck inside. Also, I've got to learn to drink more water. Arizona is going to eat me alive if I don't. I'll have migraines everyday for sure. I'm SO BEYOND read for those to end.... I'm on the fence about moving to Arizona... will it be nice? Or will I be miserable?

On the bright side I have Wy, he really is stellar. Did I tell you he let me watch Cinderella? no? Well he did! He watched Danny for over two hours so I could sit through the movie! It made me a little sad because I knew he wanted to watch it too. But it was magical! Also, I'm not sure if I ever told you about how tired I was? How I felt that I was always taking care of Danny and I never got a break? Well when we flew out to AZ to find somewhere to live Wyatt took over dead guy duty and I got a mini vacation from my Daniel responsibilities. I got a little bit of time to recharge, which was a huge necessity because our journey home was unbearable. I'm sure you remember how horrific our ordeal was....(stuck at the phoenix airport for twenty hours) (flights getting canceled left and right)  but I do have to touch on how terrible the plane right from columbus to jfk was. I feel sick just writing about it. I swear to you I have never felt sicker. My head was pounding, my ears were plugged and I was so incredibly nauseated, but I couldn't vomit!!! I wished that I could so I could leave my mark on US airlines... I hate them. All I could do was cry and hope that the flight went by quickly. It did, thankfully and we were able to get in our car and make our way home. As soon as we got home I crashed! I took a nap and Wyatt essentially unpacked and did laundry. He's a gem.

We found a place to live btw. A house that has yet to be built. well, it's currently in construction. It's supposed to be done by mid april... we shall see...! I hope it is, because we won't have anywhere to live otherwise.

Danny has been a champ!!! Quite literally the day after I wrote the last post he successfully learned to used the potty! It really just took him one day! Looking back I feel horrible about how frustrated I got with him whenever he'd have an accident. There was one moment in particular where I told him "No! no pee pee on the carpet!!! no no no! Bad!" and his face just crumbled and he cried and cried. *shudder* sometimes motherhood has these moments that your kids probably won't remember but they will definitely haunt you.  I feel bad that he wants to get out of the house as bad as I do... possibly more than I do! He's learning so much! He can repeat words pretty well and he tries to catch on to words, colors and shapes. I should really take more advantage of that but I feel like I've been treading water for the past five months. Is that a thing? to feel like you're barely swimming for that long? It has been an incredibly long six months. Mainly because of my ears.

On the topic of my ears I feel like I should add that I haven't had that terrible roaring noise in my ear for a little while. Sometimes when I go to the bathroom I hear the ringing in my ears. But maybe that's permanent? They've been kind of stuffy since we got back. But at least the unplugged for a bit and they don't stay plugged forever. When they first got plugged, they would stay plugged for weeks at a time... so yup I suppose there is some improvement. I think to survive this I'll have to try looking at the improvements right? I wish I could be super optimistic, I wish i could be happy and peppy and be optimistic. But I can't. I don't feel like myself. I feel like someone has zapped all the enthusiasm for life right out of me. I can't really remember what I felt like to be deeply content...  I feel like I'm laying on the floor and can't get up. every time I try to get up, something knocks me down...

Anyways, Wyatt is awesome though. he's surprisingly very optimistic. He's spent all our marriage trying to make me happy and I'm happy to report that eighty percent of the time he does. It makes me want to cry how much he makes me happy. He makes me laugh and he spoils me. I went to Target yesterday because I needed some serious retail therapy. I'm on the hunt for maternity clothes. at least pants. I just want comfortable clothes that look nice! I suppose I feel crummy and I'd at least like to look nice and in cute clothes. clothes that are comfortable! Elastic is my friieeenndd!!

Okay bbbbyyyyeeee!



PS Post title brought to you by Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

hahaha! okay but how was anyone in the audience okay with this play? I think that's part of what makes it so epic!

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