Friday, March 6, 2015

Okay, Weeee!!

So I was originally going to title this post "want my pillow?" Not sure if you'll remember back in 2010 I wrote a fairly long post about how touched I was that Wyatt offered me his pillow one night when I couldn't sleep. It was after a huge fight so it was kind of a big deal.  There was more to it than him just offering me his pillow, idk how to explain it. But the other night he willingly (gladly) switched pillows with Danny. Danny was very pleased when I dropped the pillow in his crib and promptly re-arranged it so it would be under his little noggin. It was really cute to watch. I will forever be grateful at how willing Wyatt is to share his Pillows. He really is a wonderful husband and I'm incredibly blessed to have him. Fantastic lover as well.
Lately, I have seen a completely different side to Wyatt. Everyday he bends over backwards to try and make me happy. Especially since I've been feeling terrible. There was on particular instance where I was hoping I would have good ears and balance so I could go to a baby shower. It's not like I am obsessed with baby showers, but it had been so long since I had felt well enough to mingle with other people. I expressed my worries to him about not being able to go because of balance issues. Without missing a beat he said "Cindy, if you had wanted to go I would have driven you there and carried you inside. Then, when you were ready to leave, I'd come pick you up and carry you to the car".My eyes welled up with tears as I thought about how touched I was by this. I mean it's a baby shower, it's not a Katy Perry concert. But he knew it meant a lot to me and instead of saying "We'll stay in and watch a movie, we'll have fun" he said he would get me to that baby shower. Maybe it's not as touching to you. But to me it really really was.
Moving on. Yesterday was sort of the perfect day, I got to work out then I came home and we lazed about for a bit. We tried to work on our taxes, didn't really work out. We went to Panera and then I got my nails did. both my fingers and toes! So it was a very nice day. Besides our neighbors banging on our apartment wall. like for real? Jeez who pissed in their cheerios?
Speaking of pissing in cheerios I was up today at 530 and I couldn't help but think of Britt on the bachelor and how rude the girls were to her. I mean why did no one point out that Carly was a bully? because that's what she is! she masks her being super rude with being "funny" but that type of relentless bullying is that type of thing that drives young girls to take their lives. No me gusta. Anyways I wish I would have been on the show to defend my girl Britt.  I just wish there was some justice! It bothered me to no extent. I can't watch the bachelor anymore.


- this is hard. really hard. it's mentally draining and frustrating. But alas! I must continue at some point it will click right? he had 4 accidents. FOUR basically every time he had to pee. It was like I turned my back and he'd pee. So I spent the last two hours glued to his side to make sure he wouldn't pee anywhere else but the potty and he never peed. UGH  But i've read that it gets harder the longer you wait so whatever, we're trudging through. I mean I have to relax and realize just about everything can be cleaned. I mean we're cleaning the carpets when we move anyways. So yeah. I also have to realize that this will take a LONG time. Probably like three weeks before he really gets it. So I need to be patient.  no tv! He doesn't pay attention to his body when he's mindlessly watching TV and it makes it so much harder. So that was difficult too.

I'm exhausted,



ps. Post title brought to you by this vine that I found on tumblr. It basically gave me life

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