Monday, March 23, 2015

I'm hungry!

I'm happy to report that I'm doing a lot better today physically than I was last time I talked to you. I haven't been as nauseated as I was last week. (knock on wood, I literally knocked on wood) I have a persistent ringing on my left ear, but at least it's nothing like the buzzing of misery....... so I'm happy about that.
Danny got to play with some friends today so he didn't seem quite as miserable being stuck at home all day. Though it kills me to see him being so friendly and outgoing but yet children don't return his warmness. I desperately hope that he finds someone who will appreciate him for the incredible friend that he is someday. I sometimes worried he'll get picked on in elementary school... kids are so mean.
I saw Becca, Sarah and Sarah today. they are all such great women and very different!
We finally figured out how we were going to get me to Arizona, I'm flying to Las Vegas the May 10th and my dad is picking me up. I'll spend a few days in St. George helping my mom with the twins and Annika then the 15th my dad will drive me to Arizona. Currently, I still can't stand the thought of flying. It sickens me, it makes me physically ill! But I should hope that when d-day comes around I'll feel better about the whole thing, it's SIX HOURS,  but I won't dwell on that.
I have to mention that I went to zumba today, you know the sessi one, and it was super annoying! It started out irritating because a lady cut me in line! The line that I had gotten there early to wait in! What the heck?! I thought we all learned in elementary school not to cut lines. Maybe she failed that grade, maybe she doesn't care. At the end of the day I figured whatever, she probably won't even stand in front of me or near me, and she didn't.  So check that's fine. Then we get pick our spot on the floors, still everything is fine. Then it happens, out of nowhere a silly woman (probably american) (get it, finding nemo? :) stands smack in front of me! I'll draw a diagram below so you'll understand....

0   0   0   0
       0  <------ WHAR ARE YOU DOING?
   0   0   0
        ^ this poor soul is me.

Honestly, the nerve of some Zumba devotees. You'd think that they would understand that everyone stands in a window, so to speak,  so you can see the instructor.  Anyways, she stood there because her friends were in the row ahead of me (she got there 10 minutes late!). You see this is part of my aversion to Zumba. she actually had the nerve to try and push us back because we were in her groove space. she stood right in front of me! not ok! But I stopped to think about her. She probably works full time and a part time on the side  and this is one of her only pleasures in life. A chance to dance, see her friends, and watch herself in the mirror to feel good about herself. For this reason I don't usually take zumba classes (and I get a better workout doing my own thing). But this class is one of a kind, I promise you. I'm fairly certain some of the moves done there should not be done in public with the lights on! 
Danny's been really sweet. Though we've been stuck indoors somedays it's so sweet. I love spending time with him! he's my best friend and it makes me terribly sad to think that one day I'll turn around and my baby won't be a baby anymore! don't grow up! He is trying to learn his letters and numbers, he has long shaggy hair and his favorite words remain being apati, got it, and lechee. though, he's started to say pobu, (porfavor) and sha sha (gracias). He's my sweetheart and my love.


PS. Post title brought to you by Alan Turing from the movie The Imitation game!

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