Saturday, February 14, 2015


For goodness sakes, this has been one of the worst weekends of my life. For reals.  Where to start? Well technically my crappy weekend started on thursday with a nice migraine, you know the special kinds I get now a days, with plugged ears and the wonderful sound of misery. It lasted all day thursday and honestly, I know I should get used to it, but it's so SO awful! I haven't felt like myself since freaking december! Even then i was having problems. Ok, so the last time I really felt like myself was september. WAY TOO LONG. Anyways so I had that sweet migraine, the house was a wreck, Wyatt was leaving to an interview in Arizona the next day so he was busy all day.  We ordered some Panera, thankfully, because there was no way I was cooking. Danny and I stayed up super late, The next day we kind of slept in then went to the gym.  Then we had a deeply unsatisfying lunch at chipotle, Danny ran around everywhere and I didn't get to eat any of my food. As if things couldn't get worse, Danny quite literally spat apple juice at me and threw food at me, all the while strangers stared silently, but not subtly, jugging me. THANKS. I went home, laid down and cried and cried and cried and cried. I finally got around to getting Danny to bed and he took a late nap. I knew he'd be up forever that night but I just wanted sometime alone.

Then Saturday came around and I still had some lingering affects from my migraine, so thursday, friday, saturday. I think that's kind of a pattern. Anyways. I knew I had to clean the house today, Wyatt would be coming home the next day and I wanted him to have a clean house. Now you have to understand the house was a WRECK like a WRECK.

 It took forever to do the dishes but I did them before I left for the gym and started the dishwasher even thought there wasn't a ton of dishes in there. I went to the gym and went to a zumba class (I know, shame shame you know my name) but a group of women invited me and I felt bad saying no. It was fun, the instructor is very energetic and I was impressed at how much of a sweat I worked up.The instructor shakes his but more (and much better) than anyone I know. He did some things that I thought were rather uncomfortable! He came to the back of the classroom for the last part of class and danced next to me and did some very sexual moves and I was like looking around "are you seeing this?!" but the ladies were loving it. Like little puppies, they love him. So I decided to stop being a wet sandwich and let loose a little, which led to even more fun. Then I did my little tuesday, thursday saturday butt workout. (trying to grow a booty). Idk why i'm even trying, I feel so old! I noticed the other day ,while doing a dead lift,  how incredibly aged and ugly my face looked. Like, when did that happen?  I am definitly not fresh faced and beautiful.... idk?! Also, i'm kind of thinking the bangs are really working for me anymore. Or at least I think I look better without them. Idk! Maybe, I would feel better about them if my hair was longer? Well they look good when I actually do them! We came home and Danny napped for like two seconds. Then we were up and cleaning. The kitchen was a beast, and not to mention the fridge UGH. I had already cleaned the floor when I cleaned out the fridge. BIG MISTAKE, HUGE! Black beans had spilled all over the fridge  and when I was cleaning the fridge they obviously spilled all over the floor. Then there was Danny, seriously he was all over the place, he wouldn't leave me alone for even a minute! He was walking around biting into everything asking for cheese, then spitting it out everywhere. and he broke one of the shelves of the fridge and everything went spilling out. GREAT. I took the trash out and slipped in the snow. I was super frustrated and thought CUE  stranger who helps me up and then offers to let me run away without any consequences (oh wait, you mean the Doctor doesn't visit desperate housewives? oh darn). Then we vacuumed, I say we because Danny insisted in helping with a lot. He actually cleaned the fridge a little, and it was pretty cute. After what seemed like an ion we moved to the upstairs, the upstairs was frustrating because Danny followed me closely and insisted in making messes everywhere we went. Like pulling clothes off hangers and scattering clothes and toys everywhere. I put Danny in the bath and I stopped the water before it filled the tub too much  because I wanted to get some warm water for my shower later (Because our apartment ALWAYS runs out of warm water) He freaked out and started crying, super loud and I snapped! I spun around and said "stop it! stop crying!" He got mad and threw a bath toy at me, which I ignored, then another one which I didn't! I threw it back at him and it hit him in the chest. (it was a very soft toy and I pinkie promise it made no damage)  He was stunned for a beat but then he started to cry and reached his hand out to me. I grumbled and went over to him. his water was freezing! What?! So I turned on the water and cranked it as warm as it would go. which wasn't a lot, but I figured he deserved to have a long bath. I felt so bad about snapping at him, seeing his little face crumble. ugh I instantly felt like the worse mom every. Thank you Danny for putting up with me because I'm a work in progress for sure.  Then I got him out and we went downstairs. he ate the rest of his mac and cheese and I made a shake,  and finally sat down. to write this sob story. While danny climed all over me and threatened to spill spinach smoothing all over the lap top! though he did really like the smoothie! good for him! thus concludes the post on the worst valentines day ever.


pps. today's post title was brought to you by the off skit from the Emmy's, it's a funny video. Enjoy

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