Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Treat yo self!

Where to begin, uh, well I'm so far behind on my bloging I figured I would all out give up! But then I really enjoy reading through my old posts and seeing how far I've come! So I decided that I would blog about current events and at the end, blog about something in the past that I never blogged about. This way I'm not perpetually catching up. Because It's exhausting! 
So Wyatt is back from Texas, FINALLY. I swear those last three weeks were so difficult. Had I known I'd be that lonely, I would have never done it! But it's done, over with, thank heavens. We are so happy to have him back! Both Danny and I are really happy to have him back, and most of the times I can't remember what it was like to have him gone. (except when I do I appreciate him a million times more) (hence why I should have been blogging this whole time) 
So Wyatt has a rotation in Hartford, which would be fine, but it sucks. It's an hour commute and he has to take the car with him! Which, if I wasn't a mom would be fine, but I am! So It's been a little bit of a pain, but the Lord has seriously blessed me with willing souls ready to give me rides and friends who think of me when they go out on an adventure.  Which is how Danny and I found ourselves at Basset park today enjoying the last of summers rays of sunshine. It really was a beautiful day! Danny was so sweet today. He's a little clingy but I absolutely love him. He enjoys watching shows, going to the park, and cooking (I know!). He also has an intense attraction to doing laundry (let's hope that one lasts). I would list off the things he likes to eat, but he doesn't really eat... ah well.  We had fun in the park today!
Later on Chrissy and the missionaries came over for a "Happy Birthday Chrissy"/ crepes for the missionaries. It was a good time,  I will always love having missionaries over. I swear they bring a special spirit to the house! 

Welp, that's a wrap! 

For your catch-up we're throwing it back to May 2, when I met Naomi Davis. (like, wow!) I lost my cool when I met her, I couldn't even talk! Good thing Baoyen was there to help me along. Really, I have looked up to Naomi Davis since 2009.  

She's perfect.


PS. Today's post title was brought to you by Tom and Donna! I want to watch Parks and Recs more, I just haven't gotten around to it. But this is hilarious! Wyatt and I have been using this as an inside joke for ever now!

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