Thursday, August 28, 2014


Somewhere in May, both Marcus and Wyatt were out of town so naturally, we spent a fair amount of time together (: Which, if you know Maria, is fantastic! We visited Kid City with Hilary, we visited Gillet state park with Baouyen, went to the zoo with Rachel and we even had a sleepover (that was more fun than it should have been!) (I mean who has fun sleepovers with kids!?) So here are some of our adventures from our husband-less week, though, they were dearly missed!



Don't you love how awful and silly my face looks here? My friends are gorgeous, Maria looks like a freaking model and then there I am. 

Our sleepover was so much fun! Danny and Braxtyn went to sleep and we watched Pitch Perfect, ate pizza (home made) and ate Oh henry bars. Then we dozed off on the couch. We woke up the next day and had German pancakes and pop-cicles. One major highlight of our sleep over was watching "Think like a man" Admittedly,  I was skeptical of the movie. But I laughed 80% of the movie! I loved it! To this day I consider it one of my favorites! Wyatt even liked it! That speaks volumes as to the entertainment value of the movie (:  All in all it was a VERY fun week! Thanks ladies, for making my time without Wyatt fly by!



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