Thursday, August 28, 2014

MAJOR Deduction!

Another post of "Somewhere back in May"... brace yourself

I have grown quite fond of Wyatt's classmates, after a year of getting to know them. I only wish I could have gotten to know them better! Spefically, I grew somewhat attached to some of their significant others. Among them are Jess, Katie, and Elaine. These ladies were all in the same boat I was in. We came here to support our men in their Masters degree and we were all away from our families. We didn't get together as much as we should have, that's for certain, but the moments we spent together were bliss! One of these moments was during Elaines Birthday. We wanted to celebrate it with her so we went to a restaurant called Tapas Ibiza, literally a three minute walk from my apartment. I wasn't sure what to make of the restaurant when I initially got there. I had Danny with me as well (Like I had mentioned, the beginning of a summer of being two peas in a pod) so I was worried that he wouldn't let me enjoy the meal! 
The food was DELICIOUS! Amazing even! The staff was so nice to Danny, even bringing out a plate of fruit for him and a hand puppet to entertain him! Jess's phone had internet coverage so Danny was able to sit and watch Baby Einstein (thank you Youtube!)  It was incredible sitting with these girls I had befriended! We had all come such a long way :)  I tried squid! (and it was really, REALLY good!)  ( I felt sophisticated and white) 

The next day Austin, Wyatt, Jess, Danny and I went to the Brown Stone restaurant House in Hamden to have breakfast. It was a rather difficult breakfast as Danny was none too pleased about it. All the same, it was nice. Jess and I went to watch Spiderman 2 afterwards, and we loved it! We were both devastated over ****SPOILERS*** the loss of Gwen :(  It was a fun weekend!


PS. Today's Post title was brought to you by "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" I love that movie. I thank Desiree all the time (In my mind) for gifting it to me!  I quote this movie WAY more than I should. But I can't help it! It's so much fun!


Somewhere in May, both Marcus and Wyatt were out of town so naturally, we spent a fair amount of time together (: Which, if you know Maria, is fantastic! We visited Kid City with Hilary, we visited Gillet state park with Baouyen, went to the zoo with Rachel and we even had a sleepover (that was more fun than it should have been!) (I mean who has fun sleepovers with kids!?) So here are some of our adventures from our husband-less week, though, they were dearly missed!



Don't you love how awful and silly my face looks here? My friends are gorgeous, Maria looks like a freaking model and then there I am. 

Our sleepover was so much fun! Danny and Braxtyn went to sleep and we watched Pitch Perfect, ate pizza (home made) and ate Oh henry bars. Then we dozed off on the couch. We woke up the next day and had German pancakes and pop-cicles. One major highlight of our sleep over was watching "Think like a man" Admittedly,  I was skeptical of the movie. But I laughed 80% of the movie! I loved it! To this day I consider it one of my favorites! Wyatt even liked it! That speaks volumes as to the entertainment value of the movie (:  All in all it was a VERY fun week! Thanks ladies, for making my time without Wyatt fly by!



My muffin top is all that whole grain goodness

Mothers Day!! This made my second official Mothers Day! Wahoo! I made it two years without letting my kid die on me! This year I spent Mothers Day with my dear friends Dottie and Chrissy! They were so nice to invite me over and to have a BBQ with me (: This marked Wyatt's first official day being away on our six month rotation adventure. Chrissy makes the most delicious bean burgers, the concept of a bean burger was so foreign to me! I honestly wasn't expecting it to be good, to my surprise (and delight!), they were mouth-watering! It was interesting to spend this Mothers Day away from (family) and from Wyatt. Just Danny and I! I have to say all things considered he was wonderful company! 
Happy Mothers day to me! I didn't know at the time but that was the start of a long summer of me and Danny being two peas in a pod (: Partners in crime, if you will. Thank you Daniel for loving me, and for being happy to see me whenever I come through a door, thank you for your rare kisses and your embraces, thank you for your giggles, smiles, and screams of joy. Whenever you say "mama" or "mami" I feel a warmness flood through my chest and tingle the ends of my finger tips. 
At the present moment Danny has began running, and is very cautiously trying jumping. His favorite words are "agua" "ball" "hi" "bye" "mama" "mas" "no" "car" "fishy""shoe" "leche" and of course "ew". He's got a few more, obviously, but at the moment those come to mind. He has also, very recently, started to shush people. It's really adorable. I'm smitten! (His finger never actually lands just above his lips. Preferring to push his cheek to a side or his finger into his mouth to really prove his point) 
Anyways, Here are some pictures from Mothers Day 

Picture overload? Deal with it.



Ps. Today's post title was brought to you by 30 Rock! If you haven't already watched the show, watch it!

Sorry! couldn't find out how to embed this video. So you'll have to click on the link to see the scene. Poor you! #firstworldproblems

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Male Potency MMMHPPUUUU!!!

This summer Danny and I have been two peas in a pod. With wyatt being gone, I've tried to keep us busy! One of the things we did a lot of was going to the Beach! Now, Danny doesn't exactly love the water BUT he loves the sand and the people. I'm so grateful I had great friends who both extended invites to come to the beach or accepted invites to come to the beach (:
I don't know if we'll live by the beach in our next home, but I think we definitely took advantage of it while we were here!


PS. Today's post title was brought to you by Pacific Rim! Wyatt and I LOVE that movie and we watched it three   two times in feathers!