Monday, July 14, 2014

Something old, Something borrowed, and something blue

Back in May, I visited the Cherry Blossom Festival in Wooster square and I had a concert concert on the same day! Talk about a productive day. Baouyen had invited us to vista the Cherry Blossom festival with her so after church we popped over, had some food and enjoyed the beautiful trees. I love Cherry Blossoms, something about them makes me so happy! After walking around there for a while we headed over to my orchestra concert. I had a rehearsal before the show started so Wyatt dropped me off and he went back home with Danny (they came back later). 

I'm actually wearing Baouyen's cardigan here... which is still sitting in my closet. I should give that back to her.

Thanks for taking pictures Wydo! 

I absolutely loved being in an orchestra again, (although I suppose it was a symphony). There was something so nice about going every Thursday night and playing my violin with other people and their instruments. It made me feel alive and young. Also, my stand partner Fred was a gem! Pretty certain he didn't want to be my friend (and he gave me a fake name). But I was so fond of him! I am so happy I found this little symphony to be apart of and glad that they accepted me and loved me.  Looking forward to joining them again in the fall! Hurray!


PS. You had better appreciate the post title today. I racked my brain thinking of one. I ultimately choose this one because when I first watched it I nearly fell out of my chair! It gave me goosebumps! If you haven't seen Doctor Who I highly recommend it!  Not only is it a good show, but if you decide to watch it with a significant other it's like couples therapy! You may be at each others throat all day, but in the end if someone sits down to watch Doctor Who you do too. You both laugh and talk about what running away with the Doctor would be like. pure bliss

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