Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I made a photo wall! With the help of my wonderful friend Maria, like I literally refused to try to even put anything up until she came over one night and did it with me.  I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted my photo wall to look like. I wanted the frames to be different colors, shapes and sizes, but other than that I had no clue. I ended up buying the frames throughout the span of a month at different stores like TJ max, Marshalls and Homegoods (heaven on earth). 
Can you believe I bought that ledge (ikea) around a week after I moved into my home in CT?! So basically it'd been sitting in my house, unused, for almost a year! The said photo ledge was the hardest part of that darn photo wall. It stripped Wyatt of his sanity. It took the combined efforts of all three of us (Wyatt, Maria and I) to get the blasted thing in the wall. But I think it kind of makes the wall. Wouldn't you say? Maria came over around nine pm and we worked putting  until around midnight! We ate pizza, laughed a lot and made holes in the wall. If we had a catch phrase for that night it would have been "you have to hit it harder wyatt!". He kept braking the little plastic anchors the screws were supposed to fit in. Finally Maria just went to town on them with the hammer. 
All in all, it was a wonderful time and I'm pretty sure my photo wall rocks! 

Maria suggested we map out the photo wall with masking tape. Which, surprisingly, was a very good idea. Ugh, this was my table before we got crazy glue on it, not to fear it came out! We also go crazy glue on the couch, but I just flipped the cushion over. 
What really got to me is half the frames I bought didn't have the necessary equipment to be hung on a wall! Like, what is that? So I used crazy glue to glue on the necessary pieces for it. (crazy glue got everywhere that night) 

Also, I added photos to another wall in the house...

not the best picture, I know. But you get the idea!

Having made these photo walls I feel so white and domesticated! I love them and they make me happy!


PS. Today's post title is brought to you by Sherlock! This is, quite possibly, my favorite scene in the entire series! It's my favorite episode, how could it not be?! Irene Adler and Sherlock in one episode makes for an amazing amount of sexiness! When I first watched this scene I literally fell out of my chair when he showed us the phone. Also, how sexy is it when he grabs her wrist and says "because I took your pulse"?! Then when I says "and I waited" I never realize I'm holding my breath every time between the two statements.  phew! ** fans herself** is it getting hot in here? 
Nonetheless you feel this crazy emotional tug when he leaves her there. So like Moffit to screw around with peoples emotions. ugh 

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