Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Changing from jeans to pajama pants

This is my friend Baouyen

As you can tell from this picture she is very beautiful! What you can't tell is how much fun she is!

I met her because my old neighbors (Mike and Jamie) have a baby Danny's age, she was their nanny. One day I figured if both she and I are in the same complex all day by ourselves with babies we should at least meet! So I knocked on her day and offered her a piece of cake. I told her to come over but then quickly realized that she probably couldn't leave the apartment. I went back to the apartment and brought the cake to her. 
Later I would bring Danny over to have playdates with their sweet baby and Baouyen and I would get to know each other better. We bonded over celebrity gossip, the need for action against Human Trafficking and food. (the start of any good friendship, obviously) 
One day, she thought to invite me to a girls night. Which was like rain to a dessert!! We had so much fun dancing the night away and walking around New Haven at night going from place to place (I felt young wild and free!) . Since then we have had many a girls nights and I must say I feel incredibly blessed and lucky. Every time we have so much fun and it seems like something out of a movie! We  have a lot of fun memories, and hopefully will continue making more! Thanks for adding splash to my life with your friendship and our adventures! 

(seriously should have worn flats Bao) Also, I will never forget Bachata Dancing, the best!



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