Sunday, July 20, 2014

She's beauty and she's grace, she's Miss United States

Back in May I went to the X-MEN Live fan event! Good Grief was it fun! I felt like I was sixteen again, young wild and free :) Stacy had found the event online. How? I have no idea. Tickets were free and they stated that if you were in the first 500 fans that passed through the door that you would not only get to attend the Red Carpet BUT also watch a screening of the movie that same night! SOOO basically we were in it to win it! We were super stoked! We spent the day before stalking social media trying to gather in tell on  how many people were lining up and whether or not we would have a chance at being in the first 500. We were pretty nervous about it, we decided that we would leave CT around 7 am to try and get there by 10:30am. We left my house and we drove to Greenwhich trying to catch the train on time, we got there and luckily the train hadn't left yet. We met a guy there named Dave who said he had a friend already waiting in line for him and that we were more than welcome to join them. So we did! 

We got there and there were already at least 200 people waiting in line. We waited in line six hours before they let us through the door. While it was a long time to wait, it went by quickly. We sat with our new friends John, John, John, Dave and Sean. They were fun! I painted my nails, we played card games. We also became great friends with a group of people standing behind us (Medha, Sai Teja, Shruti and two more of their friends) they were some of the neatest people I'd ever met. I suppose it didn't feel that bad because I didn't have a baby to worry about!  Wyatt took care of Danny then our wonderful neighbors Jessica and Austin took care of Danny later that day (THANK YOU!!)

Took them forever to get 5 crowns down ugh 

Our crew

First 500! yay! 

When they let us through the door we were really excited, then quickly disappointed when we had another hour of waiting to do. Ba hum bug. Finally, they began shuffling us to the upper level of the Javits center, (where the red carpet event would take place)  Once we got situated, guess what came next?? More waiting! About an hour to be exact. I sat on a step stool that John had picked up during our time waiting outside and read the Ensign cover to cover. I was reading this really amazing article when the celebrities started making their way in. I didn't have anything for the celebrities to sign so I just had them sign my Ensign. (so basically missionary work) 

See those screaming loonies in the back? Yeah that was us.

The first person to come around was Ellen Page. She is a lot shorter than I expected her to be, all the same she looked beautiful. She signed things and stopped for pictures but she didn't seem happy to be there. Then other cast from the movie came by, they were neat to see. It was fun to scream and act like a crazy person! I played along, but surprisingly I was really pretty chill about the whole thing. 
I think I get more excited now thinking about it than I was then.  

Peter Dinklage, Evan Peters, Hugh Jackman and other cast came through the celebrity line. Jennifer Lawrence was fun, she was legitimately excited to see her fans. All the other celebrities would go straight to the press but Jennifer Lawrence made a b-line for her fans and answered press questions after speeding time with fans! She was great!

I shared a special moment with James Mccvoy where he waved at me from a distance.

Now the highlight of the evening was Michael Fassbender!! The crowd wen't WILD when they saw him... and uh, why wouldn't they? It was actually kind of scary because everyone pressed up towards the front of the bleachers, I had a hard time breathing and my feet were definitely not touching the floor. Oh well, I suppose it was a blessing I wasn't in the first row because they people in front of me provided a nice cushion, whereas they were pushed into the wood. ANYWAYS. He was a lot more handsome in person than I thought he would be! When he came by I said "That suit looks great on you!" he looked at me, right in the eye and said "Why thank you!" then I said "You really are very handsome, is that silly? a little right?" he gave me a flirty smile and said "nah". I then said "Will you do me a favor" to which he said "Anything for you!" so I said "I want you to say 'Cindy you're awesome'" so he said "Cindy, you're awesome!". He was turning to walk down the walkway to the other fans and I said "wait! I want a picture with you!" he turned around and said "You are a very demanding fan!" then I said "I waited all day to see you" he laughed and said "Alright!" finally I called out to him and said "Promise?!" he turned around again and gave me a look like "good grief!" nonetheless he smiled and nodded. 

okay so my face looks funny ugly. But you can see the magic between us! I mean look at the mans eyes!

As he was the last celebrity to come out the announcer told the fans that we would be able to watch the premier of the xmen movie at a theater in downtown New York and that they were expecting us! He said we only needed to show our bracelets to get our tickets. So everyone was running out of the red carpet event to get to the movie. Our little group wanted desperately to leave but I said "no! Michael Fassbendeer said he'd come back to take a picture with me!" no one believed me! Then we saw him walking past the fan bleachers, lots of people reached out to him begging for a picture or an autograph but his manager said he didn't have time anymore and that he was sorry. When he walked past me I yelled out "Michael! You promised me!" He turned around as soon as I said that, his manager was annoyed and told him he was short on time he said "I HAVE to go back for her!" So he ran up to me, put his arm around me and held me tight for a picture! Afterwards, while still having his arm around me said "Happy now?" to which I said "very!" then he ran after his manager.
If you look at the left side of the picture you can see his manager extending his arm to him, annoyed that he came back for me.

After that we booked it out of there to watch the movie. (actually we all held hands and ran out, like little schoolgirls) We jumped in a taxi and then jumped in line at the Movie Theater! While we were all waiting for the movie to start, we got a surprise visit from James Mcavoy, Hugh Jackman and Michael Fassbender. They came to say thank you to the fans for waiting that long and to answer a few questions we had. Then we watched the movie, which was pretty freaking cool! 
us waiting in front of the theater

Basically that day was like a dream!

My Ensign :) 


PS. Todays post title was brought to you by Tumblr, lol the images below were paired with the line "She's beauty and she's grace, she's Miss United States" hilarious! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Changing from jeans to pajama pants

This is my friend Baouyen

As you can tell from this picture she is very beautiful! What you can't tell is how much fun she is!

I met her because my old neighbors (Mike and Jamie) have a baby Danny's age, she was their nanny. One day I figured if both she and I are in the same complex all day by ourselves with babies we should at least meet! So I knocked on her day and offered her a piece of cake. I told her to come over but then quickly realized that she probably couldn't leave the apartment. I went back to the apartment and brought the cake to her. 
Later I would bring Danny over to have playdates with their sweet baby and Baouyen and I would get to know each other better. We bonded over celebrity gossip, the need for action against Human Trafficking and food. (the start of any good friendship, obviously) 
One day, she thought to invite me to a girls night. Which was like rain to a dessert!! We had so much fun dancing the night away and walking around New Haven at night going from place to place (I felt young wild and free!) . Since then we have had many a girls nights and I must say I feel incredibly blessed and lucky. Every time we have so much fun and it seems like something out of a movie! We  have a lot of fun memories, and hopefully will continue making more! Thanks for adding splash to my life with your friendship and our adventures! 

(seriously should have worn flats Bao) Also, I will never forget Bachata Dancing, the best!




I made a photo wall! With the help of my wonderful friend Maria, like I literally refused to try to even put anything up until she came over one night and did it with me.  I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted my photo wall to look like. I wanted the frames to be different colors, shapes and sizes, but other than that I had no clue. I ended up buying the frames throughout the span of a month at different stores like TJ max, Marshalls and Homegoods (heaven on earth). 
Can you believe I bought that ledge (ikea) around a week after I moved into my home in CT?! So basically it'd been sitting in my house, unused, for almost a year! The said photo ledge was the hardest part of that darn photo wall. It stripped Wyatt of his sanity. It took the combined efforts of all three of us (Wyatt, Maria and I) to get the blasted thing in the wall. But I think it kind of makes the wall. Wouldn't you say? Maria came over around nine pm and we worked putting  until around midnight! We ate pizza, laughed a lot and made holes in the wall. If we had a catch phrase for that night it would have been "you have to hit it harder wyatt!". He kept braking the little plastic anchors the screws were supposed to fit in. Finally Maria just went to town on them with the hammer. 
All in all, it was a wonderful time and I'm pretty sure my photo wall rocks! 

Maria suggested we map out the photo wall with masking tape. Which, surprisingly, was a very good idea. Ugh, this was my table before we got crazy glue on it, not to fear it came out! We also go crazy glue on the couch, but I just flipped the cushion over. 
What really got to me is half the frames I bought didn't have the necessary equipment to be hung on a wall! Like, what is that? So I used crazy glue to glue on the necessary pieces for it. (crazy glue got everywhere that night) 

Also, I added photos to another wall in the house...

not the best picture, I know. But you get the idea!

Having made these photo walls I feel so white and domesticated! I love them and they make me happy!


PS. Today's post title is brought to you by Sherlock! This is, quite possibly, my favorite scene in the entire series! It's my favorite episode, how could it not be?! Irene Adler and Sherlock in one episode makes for an amazing amount of sexiness! When I first watched this scene I literally fell out of my chair when he showed us the phone. Also, how sexy is it when he grabs her wrist and says "because I took your pulse"?! Then when I says "and I waited" I never realize I'm holding my breath every time between the two statements.  phew! ** fans herself** is it getting hot in here? 
Nonetheless you feel this crazy emotional tug when he leaves her there. So like Moffit to screw around with peoples emotions. ugh 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Something old, Something borrowed, and something blue

Back in May, I visited the Cherry Blossom Festival in Wooster square and I had a concert concert on the same day! Talk about a productive day. Baouyen had invited us to vista the Cherry Blossom festival with her so after church we popped over, had some food and enjoyed the beautiful trees. I love Cherry Blossoms, something about them makes me so happy! After walking around there for a while we headed over to my orchestra concert. I had a rehearsal before the show started so Wyatt dropped me off and he went back home with Danny (they came back later). 

I'm actually wearing Baouyen's cardigan here... which is still sitting in my closet. I should give that back to her.

Thanks for taking pictures Wydo! 

I absolutely loved being in an orchestra again, (although I suppose it was a symphony). There was something so nice about going every Thursday night and playing my violin with other people and their instruments. It made me feel alive and young. Also, my stand partner Fred was a gem! Pretty certain he didn't want to be my friend (and he gave me a fake name). But I was so fond of him! I am so happy I found this little symphony to be apart of and glad that they accepted me and loved me.  Looking forward to joining them again in the fall! Hurray!


PS. You had better appreciate the post title today. I racked my brain thinking of one. I ultimately choose this one because when I first watched it I nearly fell out of my chair! It gave me goosebumps! If you haven't seen Doctor Who I highly recommend it!  Not only is it a good show, but if you decide to watch it with a significant other it's like couples therapy! You may be at each others throat all day, but in the end if someone sits down to watch Doctor Who you do too. You both laugh and talk about what running away with the Doctor would be like. pure bliss

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Hi, my name is Cindy and I like love having people over.  Here are some shots I took one afternoon and after that are some shots I took of a little monthly meet up I have with two of the coolest ladies in the Woodbridge ward.

Stacy complained about her stupid blog the entire time she was over AND she didn't eat the food I made her, so we fed it to Melanie's husband. ugh stacy. 

PJ loves frozen, so she was happy to watch it. She is seriously the cutest little girl, she has such a sweet spirit about her and she is nice and patient with Danny (because he can really be a pain sometimes!) 

Kimball- I remember when this kid was just 5 months old and his mom and I would take walks down the canal together. He would always fall asleep in the carrier, but I will always remember rthe way his beautiful blue eyes would watch the tree's go by. Sweet boy, can't believe how much he's grown! 

Melanie- where to start on this one. She's crazy, steer clear of her. Just kidding, she really is awesome. She's incredibly witty and she is such a loyal and genuine friend. So lucky to call her my friend! 

Without these ladies, my life would not be as fun! I'm so happy I have friends to depend on and to get together with regularly. 

So about once a month I get together with Carmen (left) and Isabel ( right) to have tea and cookies/scones. We sit down and we talk and laugh together. When I initially invited these ladies over  I was nervous. They both speak such good spanish, and spanish from different countries mind you. I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up with the conversation or even find common ground with them. To my surprise and delight we had a wonderful time! We spent nearly three hours talking about topics that ranged from Jesus sightings to Riddles. They were very patient with my slow spanish and were an absolute delight. Now whenever we see each other in church we giggle and chat like schoolgirls! I love them!


PS. Today's post title was brought to you by Flight of the Conchords....

Keep it together Buster!

Basically, just Danny morning hair. Don't you love this piggie? Boy howdy I sure do! 

A few pictures from a lovely afternoon tracking with the Sister Missionaries. Oh we miss them! They were beautiful inside and out!! 


PS. Today's post title was brought to you by... that's right! Arrested Development! Gob and his magic shows never get old (and it's pronounced Job)