Thursday, June 26, 2014

What are you going to do to me?! Just do it!!

So many fun/amazing things have happened recently it seems like a tragedy if I don't write them down somewhere! So I will attempt to write some of them down. They won't be in order, and please for all are sakes don't accept them to be grammatically correct (I may be the closest thing to a perfect woman. But seriously I have my flaws!)
First off- Masquerade Dance 
Gosh this dance was fun. Wyatt actually planted the seed for this one back when his friend Ashley asked him what type of dance they (graduate students at Quinnipiac) should have. He knew I've always wanted to go to a masquerade so that's what he suggested! 10 points for you Wyatt! (And Gryfindor!) 
The lovely Baouyen and Jake came over to take care of Danny while we boogied the night away. Honestly, what amazing of a friend is Bao? Without her Wyatt and I wouldn't have been able to do have the things we have. Anyways- we ordered our masks a couple of days before and they looked bad a**!  I was stoked (surprisingly so was Wyatt) 

We got to the dance and walked in. The venue was awesome, it was dark and there were chandeliers. Lucky for us they still had food out, which was super yummy!  We ate and chatted with Wyatt's classmates. Which they're awesome btw. Then got up and started to dance when we heard "get lucky" . Now,side note, if you've never danced with Wyatt and I, I feel bad for you. We have wicked dance moves and 5 years of marriage has given us time to synchronize our moves. We were unstoppable. Everyone stopped to tell us how cool we were. (Dude we have a kid and we've been married for nearly five years, I didn't feel cool!) eventually Wyatt's friends joined us and then the party was really bumping. Chelsea and Sarah seriously know how to party :) (side note Chelsea said Wyatt and I looked bad a** walking in to the dance because we were wearing our masks and we looked nice, thank you!) 

We had so much fun, at one point with combined efforts from all of us, we convinced Denny to dance with us, woot woot! I suggested he sit on a chair and we dance in a circle around him. Ashley was quick to act and grabbed a chair, or was it Daniel? Idk!  We danced around him to the song "selfie" and he laughed while we did (almost menacingly! Denny has a fantastic vilan laugh) that was definitely the highlight of the night for me! Because all of Wyatt's friends, I consider them my own as well, were on the dance floor. After dancing around Denny we decided to take a group selfie, and it was epic! Someone else took the picture but the angle and our hands up made it seem like Wyatt took a second to none selfie!

We frequented the open bar, Wyatt def got carried away with coke. I stuck to a classier chocolate milk. We danced, and we laughed. It was perfect. More importantly we had fun together, I had forgotten Wyatt could be fun! (Grad school will do that to a person) it was a much needed date night for my marriage! Thank you Baouyen for watching Danny, the gift of a date night to my grad school marriage means more than you will ever know!

Ps. Today's post title was brought to you by flight of the conchords! One of Wyatt and I's favorite shows! Mel seriously makes the show. But really.