Sunday, April 6, 2014

Whoop there it is

Playdate's for daayyyzz. I used to think having more than one kid around would rip a hole in the delicate webbing of my sanity. However, now that Danny's older. Playdates are a heavensent, they just play together! It's amazing, and the adults can talk,paint nails, watch a movie, or have lunch. Anyways, we've been having them a lot lately and as far as I'm concerned, keep them coming!


PS. The title is brought to you by one of the FUNNIEST movies I've EVER seen. Pitch Perfect (: So once again there are two funny phrases in this scene and the post title boiled down to "lesbihonest" (if you haven't seen the movie everyone in the group thinks that this girl is a lesbian so when she says she has a confession everybody thinks she'll mention this. So fat amy says "lesbihonest" as in lesbian) and "whoop there it is" ultimately whoop came out winning... because Wyatt said to... also, I watched this clip like 5 times 

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