Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Put a bird on it!

Ladies and Gents my first 5k!! As stupid as it is I've ALWAYS  wanted to run a 5k. Because all the cool people run races... so this time I wanted my chance at being cool. It was really fun! Baouyen agreed to run it with me because she's da bomb! and my other friends are lame  I seriously thought it would take me 3 hours to run it. I know, I know it's only 3 miles. But in high school it took me 20 minutes to walk a mile. So 3 hours sounded about right, with potty breaks and instagram breaks. But alas it took us under an hour!! Huzzah for us! It was FREEZING and luckily B had a hoodie in her car that I she let me borrow or else I would have been a cold little mexican. While running we kept dreaming about what we would eat afterwards and the refuge that our bed would offer from the cold. We ended up eating Chinese and IHOP and it was delicious. I had bananas foster brioche french toast at IHOP and it's officially my new favorite dessert. I hope you get jealous looking at the picture (:

A picture Wyatt snapped before we left the house. Is it me or does my skin look amazing in this picture? uhm... why can't it look like that always? Also like how I'm on my tippy toes? I didn't want to seem too short standing next to B. Her and her model body psh. I don't even care about her adorable face. 



PS. Today's post title is brought to you by Portlandia! The best part about the clip is how much they hate an actual bird when it flies into their store. 

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