Sunday, April 6, 2014

Look what's come out of me ooter!

So for the past couple of months Danny sleeping through the night has been off and on. One week he'll sleep through the night like a dream. The next week he'll wake up at around one or two AM and stay awake for a couple of hours. Mostly we all end up watching a movie together (Frozen has been our top choice lately) which is actually pretty fun. But on this particular night we were just so darn tired we just put him in bed with us and gave him a toothbrush. (he's been obsessed with toothbrushes  lately. I think he likes to to chew on them because he's teething) anyways a toothbrush made this kid pretty happy. He started out just chewing on it but then turned his attention to Wyatt's dental hygiene.
He enjoyed brushing them and then he then he turned savage. He actually used the tooth brush as a spear, a legit SPEAR! He used both hands and stood up tall and came down on wyatt with his weapon. Wyatt legitimately had to dodge the blow. It was hilarious. I wasn't wearing my glasses but I could totally see the outline of his vicious savage attacking my defenseless wyatt. We laughed SO HARD. So naturally I just had to take some pictures... ENJOY!

This is actually a REALLY accurate picture of how these nights where Danny wakes up and stays up for hours. 

Danny was so sweet. He was brushing my hair with the toothbrush. Seriously? I can't get enough of this potato pancake!! (: 

Luckily after a couple of hours the earlier picture looks a little more like this...

Sometimes being a parent really sucks, and these late night hangouts can be a serious pain. But for the 2 hours of nightmarish exhaustion there are 30 minutes of pure magic. I know It's super cheesy to say that. So I'll just stop here. 



PS. Today's post title was brought to you by Wyatt's favorite movie (and it's definitely in my top 10, seriously how adorable is Martin Freeman?) The scene where the troll's are cooking is hilarious! We actually liked two parts of this clip and couldn't figure out which to make the post title. We went with the one we wan't but we also really love the "Thank you very much Bert" part. We say that to each other all the time, we bust out laughing. People look at like like we're loonies... haters gonna hate

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