Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It was Mycroft!

So I'm pretty proud about my table revamp... like ridiculously proud! I had seen a table in a model home back in Utah around 2011. The house was gorgeous and I adored it. However, the table, the table needed to be mine ASAP! Sadly, it was 1,000$ over my price range. I toyed with the idea of pimping myself out for it, but then decided that I probably wouldn't bring in enough money to buy it anyways. I told myself that someday I would have that table or one very much like it! Below is the picture from that model home. (I went back to take pictures because I loved it so much)

Alright, check out that table in the far right hand corner. You can't possibly tell me you don't immediately want it in your home. 

Later we found a table on for 80$ including all four chairs! When I saw it I instantly wanted to revamp it into the table I had coveted long ago. 

There's our table in it's original form. I wanted to redo it but had always been to lazy/scared to try it. For fear that I might permanently ruin it. Finally Maria talked me into starting it a couple of months ago. Re do your table she said, it will be fun she said. LIES! It was blood sweat and tears and I'm pretty sure I will never do anything like it again. However I am eternally grateful to her for encouraging me to do it. So First off, Sanding the legs and the backs of the chairs, followed by spray painting them off white. 

Maria and Lecith helped me do this part and boy was I glad for the help because it would have taken me ions to finish it. It was funny, Lecith and I laughed because she thought I would be without a table for a couple of weeks. I looked at her like she was crazy, I told her I expected it to take me 4 days max. HA! 

After the spray painting of of the legs and the chair backs came the, unbeknown to me, hardest part. In order for me to stain the top of the table like I wanted to I needed to completely strip the tabletop and the seats of any and all paint. I needed to sand it down completely smooth. This was awful. Truly.  Luckily Wyatt was more than understanding and he took care of Danny for me on saturdays so I could muddle through my agony of sanding. 

I did most of it by hand. I did probably one seat with the electric sander which was a heaven sent. However, the rest were by hand. This quickly became the bane of my existence. Thankfully, the Elders offered their help. little did they know how terrible it would be. So the next day they came and spent two hours sanding off the top of my table! Hallelujah! 

At this point I thought to myself, It's done. and I felt like this... 

Next up staining. I thought, again incorrectly, that this would be the easy part. This I would say was the most frustrating part.  I thought it would be easy, like painting. The seats were easy, because the grain was all going in the same direction. But the Tabletop. that mother was tough. If you look back to my "original" picture you can see how the grain is going in so many different directions. I had to try and paint with the grain and it was incredibly difficult. 
Now at this point I was good and ready to abandon my DIY, however, I knew I probably wouldn't get enough money out of it to buy another table so I trekked on. Wyatt really pushed me to keep going and encouraged me saying we'd love it when I was done with it. If it weren't for his encouragement I would have never finished it. I had problems with the staining and thought I would never finish this, also, the weather wasn't working with me. I then felt like when I would FINALLY finish my table I would feel like this...

Finally after 4 WEEKS I finished it. I brought it home and Wyatt put it together. 

Are you ready for the finished product?.... drumroll....

nailed it



P.S. today's post title was brought to you by my FAVORITE show. Sherlock (: Season three gave us lots of funny moments but I especially like this one because it shows me Mycroft and Sherlock in a way I hadn't seen them before. I'm sure tumblr broke when they did this... along with all of season 3. 

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