Tuesday, April 8, 2014

And stay out!

Just thought I would quickly write down how blessed we are to have awesome neighbors because we really do. I like all of them and they have made living here in CT a dream! Mily and Flavio are awesome, and she makes this ridiculously delicious lemonade. I've tried coaxing the recipe out of her many a time but it's a family secret... well we shall see. Bob across the hall has been nice since day one and sometimes will come out to the hallway to play with Danny when he's out there. Ginger is sweet, and actually really funny. Shannon and Yohan are fun to hang out with and funny as well. Rose is legitimately one of the ninest people I've ever met. She has the kindest eyes and her and her husband Berry love Danny. They don't mind at all when he just walks into their apartment like he own's the place. We were sad to see Mike and Jamie leave but we still see them! Danny and Riley actually play really well together (: It's been fun to see them grow together! If Mike and Jamie had never lived here I would have never met Baouyen!  But, as luck would have it Jess and Austin moved into their apartment! Isn't that the best? I'm way stoked.
Lastly, Dottie, what to say about her? She has been a heaven sent. I consider her family, Danny loves her. He makes his way down to her door every time we're out in the hallway. She Loves Danny too, we can feel it. She plays with him and feeds me him all sorts of baked goodies. She even watches him thursday nights so I can make it to orchestra. Seriously I hit the jackpot with her.  

This picture will probably become a lot more common once Jess actually moves in. SO excited! 

^^Check out this sweet gift our neighbors gave Danny! They left it by our door yesterday^^


PS. Today's post title was brought to you by of course Doctor Who. This was our first taste of 11. At first we were a little unsure because we were die hard David Tennant fans. But when he told a piece of toast to stay out of the house we bonded with him immediately!  (however I think 10 will always be my doctor!) (10 is like my boyfriend, 11 is like my best friend) (<--- if that doesn't make sense to you then you're not a real whovian) Welp! enjoy! 

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