Wednesday, April 16, 2014

20th Century Fox Flute Version

General Conference has always been a time when I look forward to gorging myself on food and sleeping watching conference in the TV room. Naturally I looked forward to sharing this with Danny. While it's not his first conference it's the first one where he can independently decide to watch the TV or play. Like the champion he is he ran around the living room for a bit, cried and then proceeded to sleep through the rest of it. Meanwhile we had the Elders and my friend Chrissy over to watch the sunday morning session. We also had some lunch. I made Enchiladas, and they were actually excellent. One of my proudest moments.

Can you spot the weeping angel? Don't blink, don't move!

Doesn't Chrissy look beautiful? I had to take a closer picture of her. 

After the sunday morning session we went to the park to meet up with some of the people from the ward.

My hair looks awesome here. Almost as nice as Thor's. Anyways, Danny also got to experience his first time buying Ice cream from the ice cream truck. I got stoked when I heard the music and ran towards it. Wyatt was not having it... but he caved. 

Me trying to frantically fix my hair before he snapped the picture. 

We ended up having to take the popsicle away from Danny because he was making a huge mess with it. He was not so happy about that. So we decided to go home. It was a wonderful day. 

Don't you love how he's covering his face here? It's like he knew we wanted to take a picture of his crying. 



Ps. today's post title is a youtube video that I can't get through without laughing. 

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