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Pigeons aren't afraid of anything, they stand on electrical wires

Alright so on to the next update. I'm going to update you on the next part of Linda and Eric being in town. So the Tuesday they were here we hit up NYC! This trip was straight out of a fairy tale. I could not have planned a better trip if I had tried. So let's start from the beginning, literally it just got better from there. 
Honestly, look at her flawless skin and her perfect hair. Isn't it hateful? She's beautiful and ALWAYS looks well put together EVEN while traveling... like who does that? Here she is sitting on the train on our way NYC!

30+ years of marriage for these potato pancakes. Aren't the adorable? Seriously Eric's a silver fox and Linda's a total betty 

Gotta love Grand Central Station! Also, don't you love Wyatt's hair? Because I do. 

I'm jealous of Danny's eyelashes... is that allowed?

Okay so this is while we were trying to figure out which train to take to get us to Chinatown. I had to snap a picture because I absolutely love how much variety there is in this city. No two people look the same. They all have different stories, different backgrounds. In this moment I wished I could sit down with each one of them and learn about their life. 
So I sat next to a dude on the train who came here from Bangladesh over 20 years ago. He works with his wife and he's an architect. They have two kids and his youngest son had just won a scholarship to one of New York's most prestigious private schools. -how awesome is that?- We also got on the topic of his x girlfriend. Funny, when he came here from Bangladesh he would shell out around 200$ per month to call home and talk to his girlfriend he left back home. He did that for 2 YEARS! Funny thing is that nothing ever came of it! She married another man! a year later he met his wife and after 2 weeks they got married. DONE! They've been married for over 20 years now.

After we got off the subway, we headed upstairs to get to the street. Let me try to paint this picture for you. CT has been MISERABLE with snow and the bad weather/cold just hasn't let up! It's been killing me. So when I could feel the sun shinning on my face as we made our way up the stairs my already booming excitement erupted. I was in NYC AND it was sunny outside!!! I still remember breathing deeply and being super giddy. I wanted to run in all directions and take the city in. I wanted to stop everyone and ask about their lives, I wanted to settle down and live here for the next 10 years so I could get the TRUE NY experience. I was walking on air. 

WELCOME TO CHINATOWN -literally I've waited my entire life to see this place- 

One of the things I was really excited about was buying handbags. Not necessarily for me but just hunting them down. Linda was looking to buy some for the girls back home SO naturally I wanted to take part in the experience. There are all these people standing along the sidewalk whispering "handbags handbags, watches, handbags" They are the people who can sell you the really cool/not technically legal purses. So just fyi Linda told me of this wild story when she bought handbags a while back. The story involved vans, hidden rooms and dicey transactions ( even people knocking on the window of their car before they parked asking if they wanted handbags) therefore I couldn't miss the opportunity to experience this for myself. I was ready to get a handbag the minute I popped out of that subway station. However everyone insisted we eat first. FINE

Isn't it such a beautiful day? We hadn't had a nice day like this in forever. It was absolutely beautiful, everything about the weather was perfect to me. Perfect day, perfect weather to be in NYC, perfect city. 

After we ate lunch we did do our handbag hunt and boy was it frustrating. We must have followed this guy for 5 blocks then he told us to follow this woman with an orange jacket on her head. (like what?) Then they showed us a piece of paper with pictures of handbags on it and told us to pick one. I was SO bothered this was NOT what I had been expecting! I wanted to physically see and handle the bags. Not see them on a piece of paper. They laughed at me when I told them that. So I got mad and said I didn't want to give them the satisfaction of our service. We ended up buying some knock off Channel Chance and some handbags in one of the little shops that line the streets. They still wouldn't let us look at the purses before buying them but WHATEVER! 


Okay I HAD to snap a picture of this guy making his way down the stairs with a dolly LOADED with crap. the stairs were crazy steep and he was making it down like a champ. 

Wyatt and I had always said we wanted to eat lunch in Little Italy. Sort of a bucket list thing (: 

What was fun about picking a restaurant is that tons of waiters/bus boys would stand outside of all these restaurants and try to woo you into eating at their restaurants! I had a man tell me I had a nice smile (alright we're eating here! I thought) , and there was one specifically really great guy who called Wyatt "Harvard" (Oh Harvard you're back!) (Wyatt was wearing a Harvard sweater)  But ultimately we ended up eating at this place because we could eat outside and with it being such a beautiful day we needed to take it all in. 

It was a nice lunch, something sort of out of a dream really. I had fettucini alfredo and it was heavenly. Although, small secret, Dulce Vida in provo gives this place a run for it's money. 

Good looking crew right there. Look, Wyatt and Eric match! 

Fun little side story. We needed milk for Danny so Eric ran to a Dunkin Doughnuts, waited in line and bought four doughnuts. Then he also said he needed "Milk for the baby" and they totally gave him the milk for free because it was for the Baby! People are awesome! 

I absolutely had to take a picture of this shark. Wyatt loves sharks.  Here we're on our way to see the World Trade Center memorial. 
Waiting in line to see the World Trade Center Memorial 

Poor chubba's he was just sooo tired. BUT he was happy the entire time. 

When we were still about a block away from the memorial I thought to myself how chaotic it must have been to be in that exact moment when 9/11 happened. It was another day, much like the one we were having. Someone could have been visiting NY and having the day of their dreams when BAM everything changes. I imagined the streets covered in dust/ash and people running and confused. How terrible it must have been for them. 

This REALLY nice photographer named Ron took our picture for us. Thanks Ron! 

Wyatt insisted we take a picture like this. He said it would make a great profile pic. I have yet to see him make it his profile picture...  We later went to the gift shop and bought Danny these adorable wooden cars. (Ambulance, Cop car, and Firetruck) I thought it would be neat to always remember that we bought them from the gift shop. 
After we visited the memorial we walked around the block and debated whether or not to visit Anthtropologie. We decided to stop and have a slice of pizza in this little whole in the wall pizza joint. Not the best pizza. But still exciting to think we were eating pizza in NYC! 

Ultimately I was super selfish and begged everyone to go to Anthropologie. So we did! We got off the subway somewhere by Rockefeller square and THIS is where the icing on the cake comes. it was a BEAUTIFUL night. I can't stress to you how perfect the weather was. It wasn't cold and it wasn't hot AND I was in NYC at night! Linda and I kept saying how we didn't need to go back to CT. We would be fine just shopping all night... however we would need a credit card. There was a certain excitement in the air. I felt so alive I wanted to jump off the walls of the buildings around me. 
While we were making our way to  Anthropolgie we saw these 3 men walking towards us, two of them had HUGE white bags that seemed like something Santa Clause would use. they said "Sweeties  you want handbag?!" Linda and I looked at each other and it wasn't even a question YES! So they laid out their sheets and the BAGS WERE GORGEOUS!!! They looked so real and they weren't flashy and obnoxious like the ones in chinatown. They had were simple and elegant, and they looked SO real. We were speechless. We started snatching up three or for of them before we snapped out of our trance. I realized that I don't use a purse because I use a diaper bag and Linda spent the next 20 minutes trying to decide on just one. There was a beautiful prada bag. Simple, tan... it looked ALOT like this...

This one was the show stopper in my opinion However there was one other one that caught my eye and I've now seen it all over instagram and tumblr it looked a little like this.... 
Could have should have would have (folks, this is a $4,000 purse and I could have had it for 35$!!!). let this be a lesson to anyone and everyone reading this. If you see something you like in these Santa clause sacks these men are carrying around BUY IT! 
While we were swooning over the handbags another man came up and asked me if I wanted to look at watches..... uh yeah! I originally wanted a kate spade watch but he had this black fabric binder?suitcase? He opened it up and revealed sparkling shinning watches for men and women. Yup I was a goner. We made the boys run across the street to the ATM while we made our final decisions (which was REALLY HARD). Linda ended up going with a coach bag (really?! it was a little disappointing) and I ended up going with this beauty of a watch...

Basically this experience ranked in the top 20 of awesome moments from Cindy's life. Someone somewhere said "Cop!" they quickly packed up their sacks filled with amazing purses and made a run for it. Just like that they were gone. Little did we realize we were standing RIGHT in front of the Michael Kors store... (: as we were walking away Linda said "I should have gotten that Prada purse!" (: we decided that she would simply have to come visit us again so we could buy purses form the RIGHT source. This will probably forever be an inside joke of ours. When their flight got canceled the next day she said "Well! Let's go back to New York and buy that purse!" lol I seriously LOVED Linda this trip she made my day multiple times. She was definitely a party :) Can't wait to have them back! 
We finally made it to anthropologie and I was like a little kid in a toy shop. I ran around everywhere wanting to try on everything, smell everything and take it all in. It was all so... Naomi Davis :) I secretly hoped I would see her somewhere! I didn't :( ba hum bug. BUT I was still in Anthropologie, in NY! I decided I wanted to FINALLY buy my candle. I've wanted an anhropologie candle for ages but with them being 26$ a pop I felt guilty about it. But I decided it would be really cool to buy one from Rockefeller square! So I did and it smells wonderful. It brings back memories of my perfect day in NYC.
This was by far one of the best days of my life! Great company, great food, great city! Stay cool!

PS. Our post title was brought to you from Modern Family, such a funny show. Cam and Mitchell are hilarious. 

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