Sunday, March 30, 2014

I cannot stay away from this Potato Pancake... she loves the schnitzel

So let's play catch up... again. Someday never my blog will be updated until then, I'll just have to put up with updating it all the time. So I'm going to pick up on March 10th. Wyatt's parents were in town, basically whenever they are in town it's heaven. They were only here for a few days but we definitely made the visit count. We went to Boston on the tenth and it was epic!  I had never been to Boston, so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. We talked about doing the freedom trail and I was looking forward to it but I honestly thought it would be following a small brick pathway in the mud, with occasional signs sticking out of it. Much to my surprise and delight it was a lot cooler! Here are some pictures! Enjoy... 

We made it there relatively easily, traffic wasn't too bad and we found the underground parking as well. Here Eric's looking at the map trying to figure out where the freedom trail starts. I was just on the look out for a bano... We ended up finding one across the street at starbucks (it had a cool vintage like look to it as well)(I took a picture but I'm not sure where it is anymore) 

We found it! Although we later got a little lost again lol Isn't the red brick so cute? 

Here you see Eric's shoes and my boot as we once again found the freedom trail 

I know, I know... we're such good looking people you can't look away... what is Danny looking at? Ha! I remember I ran up to a stranger and asked him to take this picture and Wyatt freaked out a little. He thought the guy would run off with our camera. alas he did not. we good 

All of us wondered why our church didn't have pews like this. I mean check out the leg room AND bonus you can take a little nap and no one would be the wiser! Always room for improvement! 

Quincy Market, Dottie and Chrissy had talked this place up so I was pretty excited to see it. Mainly Linda and I were excited to do some shopping! It was really neat! It was little cold so that was a downer but I'm still over the moon about being able to visit. 

So in the above picture that building to the right was a HUGE building, it seemed like just a huge long hallway.  inside they had little vendor kiosks and the very middle was a long chain of different food places. It was SUPER cool. Sort of what you  would see in the movies. There was tons of people there although, you can't tell in this picture. 

You better believe I came back to this place. I thought I'd have gelato or candy, I ended up just having a strawberry cheesecake shake. Which was incredible. 

As usual when running around with the Anthony's we ate some amazing food. I can't the name of the restaurant but it was super white and sophisticated. I tried Fish and Chips for the first time! I felt one step closer to meeting David Tenant, Matt Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch. Dream big right? I wasn't crazy about them, but i partially blame the tartar sauce on that. Once I got cocktail sauce it got significantly better.  
But check out how cute Eric and Linda are. I feel like I got to see a whole different side to them when they came out here for this trip. Maybe it's just us living out of state or having them all to ourselves but I loved seeing these different sides to them. I also felt like Linda and I had an especially fun time, connecting with our mutual love of shopping and Danny. (although in all fairness when Linda came out to see us last fall we had a blast then too) 

Danny's first experience feeding the birds. Although you can't see any birds in this picture I assure you they were there. Danny had a blast. We even ran through them a few times 

I had to stop and take a picture of this building. Look at roofs, I'd imagine that's where the rich and famous have their friday night party's (you know, like LC except east coast?) {side note, I just saw a commercial for ANOTHER transformers movie, seriously? how many of those are they going to make?}

So Eric kept taking about these apartments he knew I would love. But we weren't going to be able to see them on our way back to the car...HOWEVER, we got a little lost on the way back so I got to admire these babies from a far. Aren't they neat? I could live there in a heartbeat, very rockstar diaries,  they probably cost an arm and a leg but hey who needs to eat? 

We ended our trip with hot chocolate. Well actually I really needed to use the bathroom AGAIN so we stopped by starbucks and Eric and Linda bought everyone hot chocolate. amazing. 

Welp, that about sums it up!


PS. Today's post title is from the movie Just Go With It. Which I would have never given a second glance unless Maria told me to, and it was pretty funny. This is by far my favorite line from the movie.  for your laughing pleasure...

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