Thursday, March 6, 2014

Aint nobody got time for that!

Here's a little bit of what I've been up to...

Thursday 27- Maria, Becca and I got together at Maria's place for "lunch". I use "" because really we just had strawberry crepes with ice cream... so I can't, on good concious, call it lunch. However the strawberry's probably contributed a considerable amount of nutrients to my days diet so... maybe I can call it lunch? Anyways it's always a lot of fun getting together with other moms. Playdate's like this are the type of stuff that SAHM dreams are made of. Seriously while I was there I was thinking "this is my job? this is what I get to do? eat crepes with my friends and watch our kids fight play with each other?" I felt pretty blessed... The rest of the day was spent at home and at around 7:10 I headed over to try out an orchestra group here in Hamden. (many thanks to Dottie who came and watched Danny for me so I could go!) I actually loved it! So I think I'll be keeping up with that

Friday 28- I went to the gym, then headed over to Sister Taggarts beautiful house to play one of her pianos. I honestly miss playing the piano so much it was a delight to be able to sit and play for an hour or so. She asked demanded I stay and have dinner with her, her daughter and the sister missionaries. Sounded like a party so I readily agreed. Oh my gosh It was amazing. She made arepas and believe me when I tell you I stuffed myself as full as physically possible with that goodness. 
So I side note about her house... it looks like an image from Better Homes and Gardens. It's beautiful! Not only that but she had the coolest plates/silverwear for our meal. She works at an antique action house so.... basically everything is pure awesomeness. Afterwards I came home, Wyatt left to study and  Danny and I had a party. When Wyatt came back we ate pizza and watched TV. Pure bliss. We stayed up way too late, like always, watching it though... ah well

Saturday 22- We hit up NYC!! I had been wanting to go to NY again for a while. We splurgged and paid to go on a hop on and off double decker bus.  Totally worth it. Easiest way to see the city with a little one. well... I'm sure there are better ways, more expensive probably though. I thought about that though, how it must be to see the city with tons of money! Probably have a private taxi take you everwhere you want to go. You'd probably get shrimp cocktail too... ANWAYS It was so great! The weather was fantastic! I wish we could have stoped and shopped at the Miz Mooz store.. but let's be honest I couldn't afford anything in there anyways! We did however go to Chinatown and Little Italy. I had ALWAYS wanted to see Chinatown so basically it was amazing. We almost got roped into buying a nice watch for either Wyatt or me :) But apparently too many cops were out and about. I also passed up the chance to buy CHANNEL CHANCE for 35$ but I was confused on "which" channel I wanted. I could shoot myself in the foot for not knowing what it is I wanted. All in all it was a lot of fun and pretty successful.

Sunday 2- Uhm, when did March get here? Anyways, I taught gospel principles. I really wish I wasn't so akward whenever I teach at church. But all in all I think the lesson went well. The lesson was on Scriptures. It was actually a really good lesson. I definitly needed it, I didn't know what the POGP was it was a great refresher. 

Monday 3- Danny and I headed over to Maria and Braxtyn's house to finish our floral arrangement from last week. It took a lot more work than i thought it would... I'm not exactly sure I'm satisfied with my arrangement... It's ugly very unique 


Wednesday 5- Maria and I braved IKEA with the littles... and it was really fun. Plus it took up a good chunk of the day. which is fabulous.

Now you're caught up. Fantastic!


PS Today's title is brought to you by Sweet Brown, please refer to video below. Please also refer to the pictures below for even more laughs. 

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