Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A study in fuchsia

A few rando's followed by the first few pictures from Eric and Linda's visit!! So Allon-sy!

Danny's first root beer float!!! We went to the mall on evening to have hamburgers at Johnny Rockets and they were super good. I couldn't resist getting a rootbeer float. Danny really liked it. 

For Valentines/Birthday gift I bought Wyatt a Doctor Who outfit! And I think I did pretty darn good! Although we found the jacket when we went to the mall the same time we had Johnny Rockets 

It was such a good outfit that when we went to Sonic one day for lunch he was wearing the outfit and the cashier told him he looked like Matt Smith *sigh* He even wrote "Matt Smith" on his Receipt under customer notes. WINNING

Our FIRST TIME HAVING CHINESE TAKEOUT!! I was so excited about this. It was like The Big Bang Theory. I felt cool. The company was great too (; Jake and Baouyen

Danny brought a book to Nanny the moment she stepped through the door. He was a happy little pudge 

Of course we had to visit Yale, eat at shake shack and take a look around Ann Taylor. BTW did you know that the Ann Taylor in New Haven CT is the first Ann Taylor.

As far as randoms go this is a pretty great list. 


PS Our post title was brought to you by this comic strip (sassy sherlock is my favorite sherlock (; 

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