Monday, February 24, 2014

Secret Tunnels

Happy 24th of February! Today was Wyatt's cumpleanos! 27 years of awesomeness AANNDD I've spent the past 6 birthdays with him... I know insane. Anyways, so I'll tell you about the day and what went down.
I woke up early (5 AM early) to go to the gym. After I got back from the gym I tried tidying up a little from Wyatt's party, Danny woke up and we played/cleaned up a little.

We built a fort, Danny's first! 

As Almaraz family tradition we sang Las Mananitas to Wyatt this morning. It was adorable because even Daniel sang. Wasn't expecting that. But we loved it nonetheless 

We had lunch at Boston Market in honor of Wyatt's birthday. It was pretty good and it was cheap... so you can't beat that!
our new sunnies! 

The lady in the background kept looking over at Danny, she seemed so kind 

After dropping Wyatt off at school, Danny and I went over to Maria's house. Danny loves playing with Braxtyn and it's nice for them to have a change of pace when winter won't let them go outside and play. booh. Maria and I have been talking for a while about getting crafty and decking our house out in perfect domestic fashion. One of the crafts I wanted to do was felt flowers in a simple white vase. So, we spent the afternoon crafting.  Which was wonderful because it really makes time go by faster. We had some lunch ( sweet potatoes, asparagus, and Tilapia) and some dessert (moultin lava cake an rice crispie treats).

Danny was SO TIRED and he sat perfectly still while watching Barney. Which i was happy about at the moment but I have a feeling "zoo animal Barney" is gateway barney.... ew


P.S. Today's post title was brought to you by Candida on Nacho Libre

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